180sx – New Handbrake Setup

Well after stuffing around for way too long, I finally have my new PBM hydro handbrake mounted and almost ready to use.


I got my hydro a few months back with the intention of fitting it along with a full set of R33 GTR Brembo’s. A few things popped up, time went by and it sort of fell off my to do list, which meant I ran a few events relying on my crappy stock handbrake. Eventually it gave up and was nothing but a waste of space, so I got my act together and decided to smash out a few hours figuring out a few things with the setup.


One of the issues I had was my switch panel takes up the space where the new handbrake was meant to sit, so first thing I needed was a new handle design that would move the plate back a few inches but still allow for a solid mounting spot.

I thought if I had a handle similar to the letter J it would sit out at the right distance and allow space for the switches to retain their position.

I measured up a base and had everything welded in the next morning. Really happy with how it turned out, especially with the amount of space I had to mount it.


Everything looked super race spec when I had the dash out.


I ran the lines through the firewall and fitted them up, then put everything back together to make it look a little more normal.


What I have to do now is fit up my Brembo’s and get a new brake master cylinder to allow for the extra stopping power. Also been looking at a full set of Earls braided lines for the new front and rear brakes. Once I have a BMC I’ll fit the Brembo’s and the lines, bleed the system, then test it out.

Pretty keen to have a working handbrake again.


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