RB26 S13 – Progression

I finally got every new part I had into my S13 over the past couple weeks, also got a chance to fit up my VSXX. Lots of shiny bits below.


I’d been waiting to get all of the new stuff into the car for quite a while, just hadn’t had enough time. I wanted everything done in one hit so I could see the (partially) finished product.

I had so much shiny goodness I could have sat there for hours staring at it all.

Some fresh new Powered by Max coilovers..


Another pair of LCA’s extended 25mm by the C’s Garage guys..


Some SPL castor rods..


And my Ikeya Formula tie rods.


I got everything together, then got a chance to put some wheels on and put it on the ground.

First time it’s looked half decent since I’ve owned it.


I had to mock up some dodgy mounts for the headlights (wood planks) so they would sit in a reasonable spot. Cannot wait to get that tube frame done so I can mount them in properly.

The next morning I wanted to throw on my VSXX and get an idea of the finished product. I don’t have tyres yet, but will get some on when I’ve got some spare money.

They look crazy even just sitting there.


Front end is looking exactly how I wanted it so far.


And the camber looks like it’s going to be just as ridiculous as the 180sx.


So happy with the progress so far, those tyres are looking pretty needy at the moment.

More updates soon.


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