180sx – Super Stopping Power

Epic 3 month slack off! Finally time for some much delayed updates.
One of the latest upgrades to the 180sx is a full set of GTR Brembo’s. Only just got them finished up a couple weeks ago, I did a quick writeup of how it all went and took some awesome (crappy) photos of everything.


Ever since I bought the car, I haven’t had to worry about new brakes. The ones it had, even though they were garbage, worked perfectly fine. So I set my mind on perfecting the ‘gofastbits’ section.

Originally I wanted to upgrade the brakes so my new hydro would work better. But after telling myself how stupid it would be to only upgrade the rears and leave the fronts, I went for a complete new setup.


Out with the 25 year old crap and in with some… Not 25 year old crap.

Going from 4 pots all round to 12 pots all round is a massive swap so my BMC had to be changed to accommodate the bigger brakes. I went with a BM44 from a non-abs R32 GTST, fitted up perfectly.


I’m running stock rotors at the moment, but when I have some money aside I think I’ll get a set of slotted rotors for some better stopping power.

In terms of lines, I had some custom bits made up by a local EARL’s supplier, bit of a pain but had to be done.

Now that I have a hydraulic handbrake instead of the stock cable type, everything runs off lines, no more hoping that the cable would lock the rears. Knowing that I have a reliable handbrake and a set of brakes that are capable of stopping a truck, makes me a lot more confident with the car.


I’m heading up to Queensland for matsuri this weekend, can’t wait to drive some new tracks and check out some cool QLD cars. Real keen to drive this thing again and get a good test of the brakes.



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