2013 Queensland Matsuri Prep

Been prepping for a trip to Queensland for their annual Drift Matsuri over the past few weeks. I’m almost broke but everything is ready for some skids. Tyres, tools, spares and drift car are all unloaded and set for a weekend of epic drifting.


After finishing off the brakes I made a list of stuff I needed to get done before heading up to Queensland. Needed tyres, fresh oil and fluids, some spares and half a day to wash all the damn rubber off the car. I went over everything in the car to make sure it was all good. Didn’t get any suprises which was good.

I also changed my tyre setup from 205/45 to 205/40 on the front for a little bit more room at full lock. Hopefully my guards don’t get killed from constant tyre scrubbing this time.

With the car washed, tyres done, oils changed, interior cleaned and every nut and bolt checked, time to get my trailer registered and load up the car.

Really wish my trailer ramps were longer, such a pain in the ass when the car bottoms out. At some point I’d love to get a tilt trailer, something that sits a bit lower than my current trailer as well. Think I might get a tyre rack too, sucks having to load the 180sx with so many tyres.

Everything was done with the drift car, just needed to load all my tools and spare stuff into the Stagea and check a few things, then almost time to go.

If you’re wondering why I don’t have the tyres on the roof, there’s a good reason why not. When I went to Winton earlier this year and had two rows of tyres on the roof there was way too much drag which meant I was going through fuel a whole lot faster. Average of 30L/100km.. Yes that bad.
So I put what I could fit in the Stagea and the rest went in the 180sx.
Now for the shit part. On the way back home, I noticed some smoke coming past the driver window, pulled over to see what it was..

Front right dhalfshaft decided to shit itself. The day before going to Queensland, it decides to break. Couldn’t wait one week, just had to die 14 hours before a long roadtrip.
In the world.
I thought about wether or not I should still go, weighed up the good and bad, because I couldn’t get it fixed before I was meant to leave.
When Thursday morning came along I figured I’m not going to miss out on the event of the year, people drive with wrecked CV boots all the time anyway.
So, Thursday, 9:01am, drift car, fresh tunes and some breakfast. Trip up north was definitely happening.

Fast forward a couple days and the car is at the track unloaded and good to go for tomorrow morning. Met some cool dudes already and have seen some awesome cars so far. Also met some internet friends from Queensland, some driving some not.
Tomorrow will be pretty epic I hope, check out my FB page for some updates on how the day pans out. – Facebook Page


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