Queensland Matsuri 2013 – Day 1

Here’s day 1 of my trip up to Queensland Matsuri, lots of pics and some videos to come when I finish the editing. I was meant to put this post up yesterday but had some problems uploading stuff.

IMG_0155 Friday afternoon, made it to the track around 6pm. Super tired after the long drive, had just enough time to unload my car, sign on, go to one of the driver’s briefings and walk around the pits to check out some of the Queensland cars.


First thing I noticed when I got there was the insane amount of tents already setup for the weekend. Henry (all round cool dude from VIC who came to hang for the weekend) called it tent city.

I had a pit bay but we weren’t able to setup until early saturday morning. I didn’t get any pics because it was a little too dark, but quick rundown of friday night for everyone was – Car unloaded, tyres unloaded, subway for dinner and watched some random stuff on TV. Old mate Henry’s flight didn’t land until about 11:30pm and turned up at the hotel just before 2am. Woke my ass up.


Fast forward to saturday morning and we were at the track just after gates opened. I had to get my car scrutineered quickly and fill it with fuel, then time to get on the track. Figured I’d try main track first so I could see what my my handbrake was like on an open course.


First run was a little bit sketchy seeing how it was 4 months since I’d been drifting, but after a few runs things started coming together.


The difference between my old stock handbrake and the new PBM one is phenomenal, so much easier to initiate and it works a whole lot better. And I love the positioning of it, so glad I put it where it is rather than anywhere else! I did a few runs on main track but really wanted to try short track. After seeing some of the videos and talking to guys about the layout, it was definitely the most anticipating to drive for me.


Bit hard to explain how awesome it is, when you drive it you’ll know what I mean. The layout is pretty much perfect, the speed is good and the proximity of everything is spot on. I personally am not too fond on wall rides, mainly because I will look at my paint and think wow that looks crap. I don’t mind trying to get close, but trying to actually tag the wall isn’t something I do. For the next few hours I was on short track, no main track and no skid pan, just constant short track runs.



Each run I was trying to do a bigger and faster entry.


There were a few that I was really happy with, others leaving me thinking ‘what the hell did I just do?’ One REALLY crappy thing about the weekend was the heat. Saturday it felt like I was on the sun, almost 40 degrees, my body temp felt hotter than my little CA, which by the way, kept it’s temps under control all weekend!

I grabbed some lunch and had a break for a bit. Went for a good long walk around the pit area to see how people’s cars were going. A couple guys had some engine issues, most people were still going hard though. This is one car I’ve been following for a while now..


Everything about it is exactly how I would do a 180sx. I had TE37’s ages ago but ended up getting rid of them because they were too expensive to drive on in my opinion. The 2 sets of GTR wheels I have now still aren’t as expensive as a set of TE37’s.

Unfortunately it wasn’t looking too healthy by the end of matsuri. Got a little bent on main track and damaged some stuff, wasn’t anything too major though. Hopefully it goes again next year, really want to see it looking perfect again!

After lunch I hit up the wet skid pan, which was really small, yet so awesome. Probably the slowest drifting I’ve ever done, but driving in shorts, a t-shirt and no helmet feels so different. I had some epic fun on there throughout the whole weekend! If only we were allowed to drive with another person..


After that I went back to the pits to check over everything, most things were all sweet, only problem was with my power steering bottle again. It’s located a bit too close to my turbo which means it heats up and expands which causes the fluid to dribble out a little bit. It then goes over the turbo, manifold and all over the passenger side of the engine bay. So the first thing on my list of things to change is to get some new lines and relocate the bottle somewhere safer. Then it was out onto main track for some more epic skids!


Went through my first pair of tyres so swapped over to a fresh pair, checked over some stuff and went back out.


It got dark about 6pm and by that time I wanted to head back over to short track. Started to go faster and crazier than earlier, trying to get some bigger entries. Got really lucky at one point where I almost hit the wall, so decided to dial it back a bit and go for some easier runs.


I also ran into an old friend from Sydney, the best photo kid in the state, Aleks Brajic. If you like old school styling, drift cars and generally sick photos check out his blog – riskynights.tumblr.com

I spent the rest of saturday doing runs on short track, some solo and some tandems. I’ll dump a whole heap of photos now as I’m sure everyone is bored of me talking.




A lot of the pics I found were from Will Jones, you can check out more of his stuff here – WJP Media

He got pics of my car all over short track, which is mainly where I was all weekend.

Once it got to about 8pm a few guys started to head over to short track to join the awesomeness. Didn’t get to do too many tandems but got to watch some pretty close wall runs from some guys.


Seeing how everyone was going for big entries, I figured I might as well try again so I didn’t look like the out of place retard.



I took another Queensland internet friend for a run towards the end of the night. Cooper (who tells me he’s 16, but I reckon he’s 15), you’ve probably seen his photos around quite a bit, he covers nearly every event in the state.

And the dude is a giant, like 7ft tall, could barely get in my car. And while he was going for rides his mum had his camera. Maybe taking sick photos runs in the family?


I only got a few more runs in before the end of the night, but damn they were awesome.


It was just before 10pm and I still had to check over everything in the car, clean up some of the power steering fluid, pack the car with all my crap and go get some dinner.


Day 1 of matsuri was amazing and day 2 was just as good if not better. Henry and I jumped in the Stagea, went hunting for dinner, grabbed a pizza and went back to the hotel to watch some TV. Luckily South Park was on, no better way to end a day.

I’ll be putting up my day 2 post in a little while and tomorrow I’ll be going to World Time Attack to check out some cool drift cars and ridiculous time attack cars. Then next week I have an awesome week ahead, more on that later.


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