Queensland Matsuri 2013 – Day 2

Day 2 of my epic adventure to Queensland for matsuri, lots more pics and rubber shredding inside.


After Saturday’s efforts I was super tired but I wasn’t going to miss out on more sick runs. I went straight to short track again to try some fast entries.


I tried doing a few scando entries rather than handbrake, some worked, others not so much. I seemed to make them work on main track but would rather a handbrake entry on short track because it felt a little more controlled on the small setup.


One thing I have to bring up again is my new handbrake. Can’t stress how much of a difference it is to the stock crap. Having a hydro paired with the brembo’s is one of the best thing’s I’ve done with the car. I know I said this in my other post, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. I just wish I’d done it ages ago rather than suffering with the terrible standard handbrake.

After going through a pair of tyres I went back to the pit bay, swapped over a new pair and sat down for a bit. The weather was almost as crazy as Saturday unfortunately, almost 40 degrees again. Somehow my car was keeping it’s temperatures under control whereas I was boiling.

So with some fresh tyres I went out onto main track, made some pretty sweet runs happen.

I think it was my 3rd or 4th run through the dipper section and this happened..


Followed by this..


aaaaaand the exit..


Wasn’t quite backwards but felt pretty smooth when it happened. After this I was cheering! The line, the steering setup, the handbrake, the motor, everything was perfect, couldn’t be happier with how the day was going.

Thought it was time for some skid pan then lunch, then make my way back over to short track. I wanted to try and pull off something like that but on short track, which was a bit harder with more serious consequences if I were to stuff up.


I took some friends out for a few rides, went for some tandems and had some pretty crazy runs. Most runs I was driving the whole course in 3rd, sometimes had to drop back to 2nd if I was following someone. The car needs slightly shorter gears and it would be perfect. I could do short track constantly in 3rd and main track in 4th. I tried going into 4th on main track but there were points where it didn’t want to power down. Asking to bake 4th gear isn’t a simple job, unless you have 30,000kw and a 6JZ, it’s a bit hard.


Towards the end of the day I had Charlie jump in my car, his car was having some issues so had to put it away. His setup is definitely one of a kind, some sweet wheels, perfect height and perfect aero. Something I’ve always wanted to do if I had an S13 as a street car.

So anyway, took Charlie for some runs on short track, had to steal his glasses because mine had gone missing somewhere (ended up being in my toolbox somehow). Wish we had a chance to actually drive together, but will definitely happen next year. Hopefully by then my car is all one colour and has a few new bits.

To finish up the weekend I took Henry out for some runs on short track and we had some tandem runs with another guy I met, Nathan and his 180sx.


Somehow this guy was riding the wall run after run, massive entries and insane speed, all in a stock standard car. Definitely goes to show it’s not all about the car, if someone can drive, they will always be the better one to watch rather than a $100,000 drift car. Driving with Nathan was definitely a highlight of the weekend, best way to finish off short track.

Screenshot some things from my video footage (working on the full video, should be up soon).


After this run I finished up with short track, hit up the skid pan right on 5:00pm, did a final 5 minutes of Queensland drifting for matsuri, then it was all finished.


Queensland matsuri for 2013 was definitely the event of the year for me, long drive up for it, but the 2 days drifting were the best days of the entire year. I’ve already booked myself out for next October and I’m trying to convince some friends to come up and drive.

Henry said he will bring his car up, he thinks he can’t drive but I disagree. I told him if it works then tow it up and we can drive together on short track.


So if you didn’t make it this year, even to watch, you missed out on a sick event. Queensland raceway, the organisers and all the cool dudes up there, don’t change, this year was super memorable. Next year I want to jump in some trains and get some crazy entries again, so keen already. If for whatever reason my 180sx isn’t ready, I’ll work my ass off to try and get it done.

So happy with how my car performed, flawless yet again. Couldn’t ask for anything better than my trusty CA.



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