New House Setup

For those that have followed my blog for a while now, you will know that a long time ago I decided to move house. After a huge delay, lots of random crappy luck and some pretty painful days, I’m finally set where I want to be.


I won’t bother going into the delays, but lets just say I wasn’t 100% set. The cars were all in storage, I was still working in Sydney and my house wasn’t ready to go, so I had to wait it out.


Finally the time came to get the keys and go start a new epic adventure with a fresh empty house. I flew down, grabbed the keys and checked out everything. I only stayed for one night, then went back to where I was staying at the time and started organising my stuff. I had to get a truckload of house things, 4 cars, myself and my dog to the new place somehow. For those with good memory, you’ll notice this was 2 weeks before Queensland matsuri. So that was the main thing on my mind at the time.

Fast forward 2 weeks, matsuri was done and I had my crap all loaded and ready for the trip. It was tuesday 22nd of October, a couple days after World Time Attack. The 180sx was on the trailer and the Stagea was packed with stuff. So keen to get everything to the new house.


Quite a few hours later and the drive was done!


So the 180sx and Stagea were both safely here, the S15 and S13 were getting dropped off by a tow truck over the next couple days, so the 180sx had the shed all to itself.

Speaking of, here’s my shed. Words cannot explain how awesome it is.


Time to unload it..


And put it away..


The shed has all it’s own lights, a whole bunch of power points, some built in shelving units, a nice big work bench and also an extra room for parts.


Can’t wait to start making crap in here, this is definitely going to make life easier for working on the cars.

The first night I figured I’d check over the 180sx for stuff that might need fixing after matsuri. Nothing was a major issue, just need to relocate my power steering bottle before I take it out again.


So lets fast forward again, 2 more days. The removalists had turned up with all my stuff already and everything was unloaded in the house, I was just waiting on a couple more things.

10am on the thursday, everything had officially arrived.


It was a massive pain in the ass getting the S13 off, tailshaft dragging on the ground and alignment was super wack. Rear wheels were pointing in so far it was ridiculous. But eventually got it off the truck and had all 3 of them back together again.

S15 61

Next thing to do was fit all 3 of them into the shed, which was a lot easier than what I expected. I’ll put the S15 in the double garage at the front once I can get the trailer down the back. It doesn’t quite fit through the rear door of the garage so I’ll have to get the opening widened a little bit so I can bring the trailer through. Then the S15 can move up and I’ll have a lot more room to work on cars in the shed!


Considering I want to have the S13 a lot closer to completion next year, 2014 is looking like it’s going to be a crazy year.


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