RB26 S13 – Kitted Up

I got a chance to pick up another blister kit a couple weeks ago to replace my old one. This one fits better in a few places so much happier with it already.

IMG_0805I also thought it was a good time to set the height of the thing and get an idea of what it will look like when it’s finished. I can’t quite put the wheels on until I cut the rear guards and get some tyres, so small sunken wheels will have to do for now.

One thing I have to take into account is that at some point I want to order my knuckles and because I’m wanting drop spindle knuckles, I have to allow for the extra drop they provide. I would love to have the car at this height because it will look amazing, but then again driving it at this height might cause some problems. I don’t want to be breaking stuff every lap.


The knuckles are the last piece to my suspension setup that I need, apart from brakes which I still haven’t 100% decided on. I’m thinking brembo’s just like the 180sx has but might save some more money and get something a little different. Not sure yet.


Also got to mount the headlights and corners properly (sort of) to see how they came out. So happy that I found the amber lights, now I just have to make sure I don’t crash into something head on. Or I’ll be super pissed!

As for bonnets I haven’t thought about it much, maybe a Origin bonnet? I would run Dmax but their fitment doesn’t look too amazing. Whatever I run I’ll have to cut it up a bit to allow for the engine. RB26 tend to be quite a bit higher than SR and CA, which means bonnet needs to be cut unfortunately.


Wow it looks so ridiculous with such small wheels. Also take into account, these are 17’s on the car and the VSXX are 18’s so it will sit a tiny bit higher but will look a lot more crazy.

I’m hoping I can continue doing some interior work and get it all cleaned up looking fresh, not sure what’s next. Just have to keep saving money so I can tick some things off the list.


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