2 Years Strong

I started this blog 2 years ago now, time has gone pretty fast.

Stage + S15 1

I remember writing up my first post like it was yesterday. Now I’m up to 80 posts and still have lots more stuff to cover. There’s a lot of stuff that I do that never gets put up on the blog, I’ve told myself I should probably throw it up but never end up doing anything about it. Hopefully when 2014 comes around I will try to cover a lot more and put up some more cool stuff.

2013-05-22 08.07.02 pm

This year was the first full year of drifting I’ve done since 2010 when I bought the 180sx. I did a lot of roadtrips this year, including a trip to Winton for Matsuri in february, then a few trips to Wakefield for some private days and then up to Queensland for their Matsuri. The car was flawless pretty much all year. The only problems I’ve had is 3 blown gearboxes, a dead power steering pump, my stock handbrake finally failing and a whole heap of destroyed tyres!

Very happy with how the motor has done and good to know it’s changed a few peoples opinions on CA’s.


My Stagea has been the forgotten one this year, I haven’t done much to it in the way of modifications and have been pretty slack in keeping it clean as well. Without this car I wouldn’t have been able to go to any of the drift days this year. It has had a taste of some fresh bits with some R33 Brembo’s and some other reliability bits but hasn’t had quite as much love as the 180sx.

There was a point where I thought about selling it, but I’ve decided against it for now. I still want to get some airbags done to make it better at towing and also get the rear brakes done as well. Then I’ll be happy with it.


Now onto my S15. This year has been the most boring year for this car. I think I’ve driven it about 300kms in total since the start of the year. It’s not all bad though, luckily I haven’t had to do any work to it as it’s pretty much finished. As I’ve said in the past I would love to do a respray but that’s later down the road when I finish the other cars. Next year I really want to drive it more often, go to some meets, maybe even jump on the boat and go to Tasmania for a weekend.


Finally, the most out of place car I own at the moment, the S13. This thing is held together with hopes and dreams while I save money, plan out it’s future and research idea’s. This year it has had quite a few changes though so it wasn’t a massive disappointment. It’s got the subframe bolted in with the SPL arms and PBM subframe risers installed, then covered in green paint. The front end is also identical to the 180sx with 555 LCA and Ikeya Formula tie rods. Knuckles are the final piece to the suspension which I haven’t bought yet. It’s also got PBM coilovers, same as the S15 and 180sx.

There is so much I want to do that I don’t know how to do, so next year I’ll try and learn how to do some things and hopefully get some stuff ticked off the massive list I have. If I were to list off everything left to do I’d be here for hours, but to put it simply I need some tube work, paint, engine bolt-ons and electrics. There are a couple little things but they wont cause me any troubles.

I’ve been selling off stuff I don’t need and things that I’ve had lying around so I can put it towards the build for this car. I have a couple idea’s noted down that I haven’t seen done before, so I’m pretty keen to see the outcome when I’ve got it all finished up.


2 years on and I’ve gone from having the S15 being partially done to completely finished and looking 100%. The 180sx has gone from being a 1200kg pain in the ass to an amazingly reliable drift car. The Stagea has been all over Australia with little to no issues and the S13 has gone from looking like a piece of crap to something mildly presentable.

I’m hoping by this time next year, I’ll have the 180sx and S13 finished and be able to do heaps of events again. So keen to start 2014.


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