RB26 S13 – Front Rubber Fitted

This past weekend I finally got some tyres fitted to the front pair of VSXX for my S13. Sweet jesus they look good!


I’ve been saving money for ages now, trying to rack up a decent amount so I can get some things off the list for the S13. First things to get were some front tyres so I could see how the wheels were going to sit.


When it comes to sizes I was very limited as to what was available. I like to run Federals but they don’t stopped making the sizes I wanted. I wanted something with a decent amount of grip and something that would perform well when it goes on track. My options were Nitto, Toyo or Achilles.


I’ve never had Nitto tyres before so wasn’t that confident on running them. Plus I couldn’t find much on people using my sizes for drifting on the front. Then I looked at Toyo, they are an amazing tyre which I’ve used a few times in the past but one main reason steered me away from them, the price. Then I looked at Achilles which I know a lot of people use both here and in the U.S.

Because I want to run the car at the height it’s at now, I couldn’t get something with too high a profile. So finally decided and got a pair of Achilles ATR Sport in 215/35/18. From what I’ve read and heard from other people these should go ok. If I have any issues then I’ll have to research some more but I won’t be driving for ages so that’s not a worry at the moment.

s13 shed vsxx

I’ll just keep working away at my list and hopefully get more stuff done as soon as possible.


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