Christmas 2013

Another yearly tradition with all my cars, definitely the best christmas I’ve had.

christmas 1

It’s suprising how fast this year has gone. When I think about it, I really didn’t do much to my cars and I didn’t get anywhere near as much work done that I had planned. The S13 has had no real changes, S15 hasn’t changed at all, Stagea got some brakes and the 180sx got some aero, new brakes and a hydro. Other than that my whole year was spent sorting out my new house.

Christmas 8

About a week before christmas I had a friend paint my side skirts so the car would finally be one colour. Really happy that it all looks the same now, much better than before. The car was still covered in Queensland dirt and rubber so took almost an hour to clean everything off and have it looking pretty again.

Whereas the S15 was still looking fresh from it’s wash last month.

Christmas 9

Like I’ve said many, many times, the only major thing left on the list for my S15 is a respray. Considering the paint is still almost perfect, there’s not really any point in spending money getting it resprayed.

Christmas 10

I think next year will be all about my S13 and driving the 180sx. I want to spend countless hours getting the S13 done in every respect. Suspension perfect, chassis perfect, paint perfect and making it perfectly drivable while still looking awesome. Still have so many things to order which will come in time. I’ve got some pretty cool ideas planned out, some unique and some that are a little different.


Also can’t wait to get the rear wheels on. They are going to look AMAZING.

I ended up washing all the cars except the S13. Mainly because it has no sunroof, no driver window and no bonnet. So it would end up being a fish tank by the end of it.

I washed the other cars, then moved the S15..


And the S13 and 180sx.

Christmas 17

Then Henry and Raddie came over to play cars. We washed Henry’s car (didn’t look any better) and parked it in the mix.


Also my dog decided to photobomb nearly every picture.



And again.


Biggest noob.

My Stagea was there as well, it’s a bit big to throw it in the middle of all the other cars. I love when it’s washed, looks so good in a clean state.

Christmas 18

Next year I’d love to get some more things done on this car, which it’s going to need as soon as possible if I want to do all the drift days in the calendar.


This will be my main office for next year. I want to do lots of drift days and get as much seat time as possible. I did about 4 events this year mainly because I had some issues with my new brakes setup. Now everything has been sorted out I just need to do a few other small things then I can head out again. If I can get to 7 or 8 events next year I’ll be happy.


2013 was pretty sweet but also pretty crap at times. Overall I think I had a good year. I went to Winton for matsuri and also Queensland for matsuri, I got a few parts for the S13, I took the Stagea road tripping all over the eastern side of Australia and I finally moved into my new house after waiting for so long.

Really keen to see what 2014 turns out like, so much that I want to do and lots I want to learn more about. Hopefully my S13 is looking a lot different next year, but in a good way.

Thanks to every dude that follows my stuff and says hi at drift days, keeps me motivated to write about everything I do.

Christmas 19


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