180sx – Fresh Aero Paint

A few weeks before christmas I had a friend paint my skirts and a new rear pod, finally it’s all one colour!


Ever since I fitted the new skirts and the spare pod I’ve been dying to get them painted. The car looked really stupid with mismatched bits.


When I had some money saved I took them off, went over to a friend’s place, had them painted and got them back just before christmas. Really happy with how it all looks now, so much better than having different colours.


At some point I would like to get some new front guards and pump them a bit. That way it will allow the wheels to turn comfortably without constantly scrubbing and destroying them.


Ever since I threw in the new steering setup, life has been hell for my front guards. They were once perfect, now they have warps, splits and paint missing. I’ve since gone to a much smaller tyre to try and eliminate the problem. It has gotten a lot better but still scrubs at some points.

For now though, the aero is pretty much finished. I might get the lip repainted at some point, but it depends on money. It’s looking like my S13 will be pocketing all my earnings this year, time will tell.


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