180sx – New Rear Arms

Ever since Winton matsuri in february last year, I’ve wanted/needed new rear arms for the 180sx, after saving some extra money, I finally got it done last weekend.


I’ve had a set of really old Kazama arms in the car for over 3 years and they weren’t very suitable for they way I wanted the car to sit. I had fouling issues at the start of last year when I lowered it, with the toe arms bashing into my subframe. So had to raise it up and figure out what arms I could get that would eliminate the problem and allow me to run the car at the height I wanted.


I would have loved more SPL arms like what the S13 has, but they are quite a bit more expensive than the PBM arms. Plus I figured I would try a different setup with the 180sx and then I can compare the differences and see what I like better.


These have a lot of similarities with the SPL arms. They both have bent ends to allow for low cars, they run their adjustment pieces on one side rather than at both ends, and they both look cool.

So I threw both pairs of arms in and put the Kazama stuff in a box for spares. Might sell them, or just keep them as backups. Really happy with how the new PBM stuff turned out, can’t wait to drive the car with them and see if it feels any different. It’s about an inch lower than before so might be a little more unpredictable in the rear. Won’t know until I drive it again!


Winton Matsuri is in 4 weeks and I still need fresh oil, an alignment (probably just do it myself again) and also need to finish my power steering setup. I’ve got my lines and bottle mount done, just need to fit it all up, put in the new fluid and bleed it. Hopefully everything goes sweet, first I need some oil. I’ve got to change oil suppliers as the stuff I’ve run for the past year (Elf 15w50 Comp SM) isn’t made anymore. Haven’t decided 100% yet, better hurry my ass up though, not much time left.


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