180sx – Power Steering Redo

I finally got the final touches done with my new power steering setup. Looks pretty solid and it’s a major thing ticked off my to do list.


It’s been way too long since I decided this needed to be done. I first started having issues with my standard setup at the start of 2013 so figured I need to redo the whole setup.

Sometime in December I went out to Nigel’s (Engineered to Slide) place to hang and pick up some stuff with Henry. I was talking to him about his setup in the 180sx and wanted to know what bottle he used.

Instead of trying to explain everything, he just gave me his spare one. Seriously, coolest guy I know.


So I needed to mount it somewhere. The only spot that I thought would be effective for the lines was on the rad support. I would have loved to move it behind the strut tower but I wanted it as far away from the turbo as possible. Just so I wouldn’t have overheating issues again.

I found a few scrap pieces of steel that I’ve had for a couple years, drew up some things and decided on what to do.


I would have loved to make something a little nicer but this was all I had at the time. Plus it turned out a lot better than I expected.


I added a bottom piece to take some of the tension and keep it from wobbling around.


Mounted it behind the headlight and made sure the bonnet closed properly. Everything was sweet! Next up I had to order some lines for it all. I was going to get some cheap black hose but figured I would get super fancy and get braided stuff, because braided lines make you look cool right?


I had to shorten them a bit as they were way too long. Eventually got the perfect length and fitted them to the bottle to finish the setup.


Next bit I had to do was get some new fluid and bleed the system. I haven’t done much research on the best stuff so just got the basic fluid from Repco.


I finished bleeding the system early this morning before the heat came around (it’s 40 degrees as I write this), I also threw in some fresh oil and a new filter so I could start it up. So good to hear it again after so long. Last time I had the engine on was in the middle of November last year.


Winton Matsuri is less than 3 weeks away and I’m pretty much ready to go. Just have some basic things to get done before I can load everything up and head out to the track. A couple old friends are coming down from Sydney to drive so should be pretty sweet!

Super excited to drive at Winton again, it’s been way too long.


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