180sx – The 2014 Look

After tossing up a few ideas about wether or not I wanted to change the wheels on my car for this year, I finally went ahead and did it. Really glad I changed it as well, everything looks so much better.


The small bits of freshness are the painted aero which I covered in one of my previous posts. The main thing I changed is the wheels (obviously).

The wheels are Bee*R B5’s in 17×9+25 all round. I got a set of them halfway through last year but never put them on as I wanted to get some more.


Eventually I got a another pair of wheels from a friend in Queensland, same colour and same size!


The stickers on all of them were either missing or partially missing. So I got onto Streeter and asked if they still did replacement stickers, found out they were still available, so I ordered a few pairs!


They weren’t too cheap ($13 a pair) but I would rather have fresh ones than nothing at all.

I planned to run them for my first event of 2014 which was Winton Matsuri so I needed to get some tyres done as soon as possible. I had some 205/40/17 Federal 595 EVO put on the front and some leftover 215/40/17 Rotalla’s on the back.

Then went home, washed all of them, put on the fresh stickers and threw them on the car!


So happy with how they look, now I just need 2 more and I think I’ll be set. I still have all my GTR’s in the shed, I will take them with me if I need backup wheels or if I decide to change things up again. They are still a sick wheel, but the Bee*R’s have been a dream wheel for me ever since I bought this car back in 2010.

Also, yes I know it looks identical to Nigel’s car. Except I have a giant sticker on the windscreen and I’m much more handsome.


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