Winton Summer Matsuri 2014 – Day 2

Part 2 of Winton Summer Matsuri for 2014, lots more pics and a rundown of how it all happened.


After the epic 12 hours of drifting on saturday I was pretty tired, but still super keen to go driving again. First had to empty the car, fix my pod filter again, clean up the engine bay and then it was ready to go out for the first session.


Unfortunately had to load up Shaun’s S13 as well because he was heading home at lunch time. Bit of a shame not getting to drive much and seeing that he is now selling it we might not be able to drive together for a really long time, which is really shit.

Anyway, first session was really smooth and sort of empty. A lot of guys had either broken their cars or weren’t even awake yet, so the track was pretty open.


Oh also, one thing I forgot to mention in my last post, my skirts look sweet! If you missed it, a few months ago I had a friend paint the skirts and a new rear pod so for the first time in ages, the car was completely one colour. This is the best it’s ever looked I think.1614433_536184009830998_379922895_o

I got a chance to do some runs with a few familiar dudes.


I did a few sessions without any issues, just trying to get smooth lines and consistency. Ended up destroying a pair of tyres so had to get another fresh pair fitted up.


Also, you can see all the scrapes on the ground of my pit bay… That’s my crappy exhaust at it’s worst. Admittedly lots of low guys were scraping a little bit, but my crap was everywhere. I tried moving it up a bit which helped but it was only minimal. Getting a new exhaust made up is definitely on my list to do before I go out to the next track day.

I put some fresh tyres on just after lunchtime and went back out for some more runs.


My entries were getting slightly faster and easier to pull back, next thing I have to work on is getting the main straight with one transition.

The dent on my door from 2010 is really started to annoy me. Now that everything is painted, it’s the only thing that looks like crap. For some reason all the photos I find of my car are all taken on the left side, so all you can see is the massive dent. I might try and find a new door and get it painted.


Started to get some bigger angle into the back section which is always sweet. My knuckle and LCA setup is so awesome, one of the best things about the car for sure.


Later in the afternoon Henry jumped into my group so we could get some driving time. I’d never driven with Henry so it was a little sketchy following him, especially because of the big difference in power levels. Also his car was running like garbage so had even less power than usual.


We only got half a session to do some driving, was some of the best fun I had all weekend. After the last session they were having the Twin Drift comp, so figured may as well try it and see what happens. First run was so damn bad, we both went pretty hard into the dirt, my car got covered in shit. Second and third runs were pretty good, nothing like D1, not too bad though for a pair of rookies.


Came into the pits and they handed out trophies to the winners, cars looked like shit.


Hopefully next time we go to Winton, we can get some more tandem practise and work on driving. At this point all I wanted to do was sleep.

Everyone stood around for a while talking about tandems, then decided it was time to pack up and head home. Pretty awesome weekend with a few friends, my car ran mostly sweet over the weekend, just a few little issues I’ll have to get sorted out. I really need to clean it up as well, inside and out!



Loaded up the cars, tools, tyres, spares and everything else.


And headed off for the 3 hour drive back home.


I’m already going over stuff for next matsuri in June, really hope I can get it all done. Luckily I don’t need anything major, just a few small things and some more tyres. I’m planning to do a few other days in between so if anything decides to break, I’ll make sure it’s 100% ready to go for matsuri.


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