S15 – Sunday Drive

Just over a week ago I took my S15 out for a long sunday drive to the beach, then all the way back to the mountains.


I left my place just after 11am and headed for the coast.


Checked out some fancy yacht club.


There was also tonnes of kite people.


Met up with a mate, put on some good music then went to get some food.


Headed for the mountains about 2pm and went for a sweet drive. Unfortunately phone died so couldn’t take any photos.

Got home right on 5pm to watch the start of the F1. Had a sick day.



4 thoughts on “S15 – Sunday Drive

  1. SOOO GOOD! I feel like this little story just gave this strange bit of life to your S15, it makes me want to do something like this for my Subaru. Few things better than adventures with the metal beasts we enjoy! In my opinion at least lol. Great post!

  2. Hey love your S15, I have one myself and am looking at new wheels. I just want to confirm with someone that runs low offset wide rims that what I want will fit.

    Im looking at f18x9.5 +22 & r18x10.5 +25.

    Ive been looking on rim tuck and im pretty sure they will. Unfortunately the rims i have now are 3 piece and the stickers have gone so i am unsure of the offset.

    • On the front you will need 15mm spacers to clear the coilover, the rear will fit fine. You will have a bit of poke in the back, but can camber it in or just flare the guards.

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