S15 – Another Good Weekend

I took my S15 out for another sunday drive the other weekend, this time ended up at Calder Park to check out some of the drifting.

S15 64

I met up at Ben’s place around lunchtime, checked some stuff out, talked, then hopped in the cars and headed off.

Grabbed some fuel quickly and washed the cars.


Then started the drive out to Calder Park.

Ben 1

I’ve decided I’m finally going to change the gearbox in this car. I may or may not have told people this before, it only has 4 gears. When I bought it, 5th gear was blown and never got around to changing it. Now that I live a while away from the city, it’s mostly just highways all the way there and sitting in 4th gear at 100km/h is really annoying and gives the WORST fuel economy.

Drove through the city and a few tunnels.


Ben took some random pics of my car, holding up traffic as usual.

S15 65

Got to Calder about 3pm just in time for top 8 finals. The sky looked like it was going to kill everything.


I’d never been to Calder before so was interesting seeing the setup. Looks like a pretty old track and looks really bumpy at some points, but it has a fast entry point to get some decent angle and a slight bank on the exit. Didn’t get to see the other layout as they weren’t using it, but got an idea of what I’ll be driving when I get to the practise day next month.

Sadly, this was the last time I got to go street driving with Ben because as of yesterday, he is back home in Queensland.

Ben 2

He said he will make Queensland matsuri at the end of the year, so when I head up with the 180sx we will probably drive short track together. Hopefully he doesn’t crash and destroy his car before then.

Said some farewells and started the epic long drive home.


It took me almost 2 hours to get home. Apart from sitting at 3,500rpm making lots of noise, it was a relaxing drive home.

I put on some really old music, stuff that I hadn’t listened to for a while.


Finally got home before it got too dark.

Like I’ve said in the past so many times, this is probably my favourite car to drive. Even though it’s not fast and not super crazy, it’s nice just driving it. I think that’s partially because this was the first car I owned where I have done everything myself. So I guess that makes me enjoy it more.

Might be something else, I don’t know. Either way I love it.



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