180sx – Expensive Delays

A couple of weeks ago I was finishing prep for the 180sx to take it to a Winton practise day. Didn’t go too well, found a big issue that I need to fix ASAP and it won’t be cheap.


To put it simply, I need a new turbo for the CA. At some point during matsuri a couple months ago, it has copped some debris directly into the wheel and damaged it.

It might not look like much (it’s really not) but it might be out of balance, which could lead to some pretty hefty consequences if bits of the wheel were to let go at 7,000rpm.


I’ve spoken to the guys who supplied me the turbo and shown them the damage. From here on I have a few options, they are both expensive, but are somewhat positive.

Option A: Buy a completely new GTX3071r for $2200 which means everything will be fresh, no chance of any further issues or long term failures.

Option B: Rebuild my current GTX3071r for ~$1300. The problem with going for a rebuild, is that if they find any other major issues with it, then it just adds onto the cost and can easily get close to the price of a new turbo. But I don’t want to splurge and buy a new one, in case my current one only needs a new front wheel and has no other issues.

It sucks big time, but there are some positives to it. I’d rather the turbo get damaged than the motor get damaged, because that would kill me financially and probably also destroy my want to go drifting.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to sell off stuff I don’t need and make up the money I need to replace the turbo. So far I’ve made up a bit, but still a long way from the whole cost.

On a positive note, I did get a chance to replace something that failed at matsuri.


I bought a good quality, K&N pod that is so massive it’s longer than my forearm. This one shouldn’t blow off the turbo because it’s quality stuff, rather than the garbage that was on the car previously.


Looks like a giant torpedo, I think I might make up an inlet pipe just in case something goes wrong.

I’ll just keep saving money, selling stuff and working my way towards the budget. I was planning on driving at Calder in 2 weeks but that went out the window when I noticed the turbo had damage. So now I have to plan for next Winton Matsuri which is in the middle of June. I really want to buy a good welder and start fabricating some stuff, both for this and the S13. First thing I’d love to try is make a new exhaust. My current one hangs so far down and spent most of last matsuri scraping the ground. Not only is it annoying, it looks retarded.

Apart from all that, I only have one thing to do right now and that is save money.



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