RB26 S13 – Slow Progress

Started more work on my S13 the other week. Contemplating ideas, more planning for the front end, pulling stuff apart and staring at the wheels.


I told myself that 2014 was going to be the year I make some real progress on this car. So far it has been really slow and not much has happened, but I’m starting to get some motivation for it. A few things have changed my mind, but most of the dream is still the same. It will still have the same motor, same wheels, same kit and be painted the same colour, but there are some little things which will be different that not many people will notice.


I’ve slowly been pulling unwated stuff off the car and have either sold it or binned it.

The amount of times I’ve taken the kit on and off this thing is ridiculous. Wether it’s to try and get an idea of what it will look like when it’s finished or if it’s just so I can get it off the ground to work on it. Either way, I’ve taken the kit off so many times that I can probably put it all back on with my eyes closed. It looks cool both with the kit and without it. Can’t wait to see how much better it looks with the tube front end. The front wheels look insanely big!

Back to the original story. While pulling stuff off and other things apart, I’ve noted down quite a few ideas and things that I want to run when I get closer to the engine building stage. Keep in mind, I will not be forging this motor because I’m not a millionaire. I will have everything tested and checked over before it gets work done and when I say ‘gets work done’ I mean I will have a few bolt-ons added. Major stuff I will work on would be a decent exhaust manifold, pair of turbo’s (not sure on exact ones yet) and other little bits to freshen it up.


I won’t be going the same route as the CA with it. I would rather have it closer to stock and not balls out built to be bulletproof. Plus from what I know/have read, as long as you take care of the RB26 oiling issues, they can be a very useful motor.

Simply put, in stock form they have very bad oil supply issues. Unless you do things to prevent it having these issues, you’re going to have a crappy time at your first event.

After I pulled off a whole bunch of things, I sat down and tried to draw up a few designs for the tube front. It’s really hard trying to get it exactly how I want, while also incorporating tabs for everything. I’d get one right then realise I needed another tab in a spot that would then make another tab unable to be used. Stuff like that makes me glad I’m not an Engineer, otherwise my brain would explode.

My dog was hanging around in the shed with me for most of the afternoon, it was raining pretty bad outside so this was the best place to be. I wish he wasn’t so lazy otherwise I’d make him hand me tools while I work.


So what’s next for this car? Same as last time, the tube front. But while I try to save money for the turbo rebuild on the 180sx, this goes on hold again. I do have a bit of savings for the tube front which I am trying VERY HARD not to dig into. I think in the next month or so I might load the car up and take it down to the fab shop and go over a few things with them. Put some ideas on the table and see what the best route will be. The main thing I want is for it to be clean and make everything easily accessible.


While I wait for my savings to grow and time to pass I will keep pulling things off until it’s ready to have the motor come out so the tube work can start.

Times like these I wish I only had 1 car rather than 4.



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