180sx – Turbo Replacement Prep

Now that I’ve hit the budget for the turbo rebuild, it was time to pull everything apart and get the car ready for the new turbo.


After weeks and weeks of saving money for the new turbo setup, I’m finally ready to get started on a fresh one. I haven’t 100% decided on the plan yet, but I have enough to either get a new turbo or just have my current one rebuilt.

I got everything ready on sunday and was expecting it to take a few hours to do it but suprisingly took much less. The turbo took half the time I thought it would, so ended up having a couple hours left to clean up more stuff and work on the S13.

Rolled the car out and onto blocks..


Got it off the ground and in the air.


Took off the shoes and got my pressure cleaner out.


Then started showering the underside.

There was a couple years worth of grease, fluids, muck, dirt and rubber underneath that was disgusting. Times like these make me wish I had a hoist, so I could blast it all off much easier.


I took the exhaust off and undid the driveshaft so I could get to as much crap as possible. Also dropped all the fluids so I could take off the turbo without covering everything in oil or coolant.


Had some lunch real quick and stared at the S13 for a bit.


Then dog photobombed me.


Such a sneaky kid.

Jumped back into the engine bay and started pulling stuff off.


Took off the 4 turbo lines, some manifold bolts, a couple hose clamps and my V-Band exhaust housing and it was all done!


It’s suprisingly heavy though! Taking this pic was like trying to hold up a damn gearbox. Either I’m a weak ass kid (99% very likely) or this turbo is just really heavy (1% very unlikely).

Took no time at all to pull the thing off, so I had some time to clean up the engine bay a bit more. So much easier to clean up the bay when I don’t have a giant snail blocking everything.


I sealed up all the lines and had a quick check over of the manifold and the gate. Everything looked ok from what I saw, nothing to be worried about just yet.

I threw the turbo on the S13, just to get an idea of room and give me some ideas.


Triple turbo RB26? Don’t think that would be possible..

Also, I pulled off my power steering lines, I’m going to get some new fittings done as I wasn’t entirely happy with my EARL’s setup.

So I put the wheels back on, dropped it to the ground and wheeled it back into the shed.


And yes that is power steering fluid all over the shed floor, hence why I want to get some new lines and fittings.


I got a bit of stuff done, now I just have to decide on wether I want to splurge and buy a new turbo or just rebuild my current one. It does have heaps of life left, but I think I’m a little paranoid that other problems might pop up later in it’s life.

I’ll do some more research and make some more phone calls and hopefully have an answer by this time next week.


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