RB26 S13 – Cutting Up Guards

I finally did the rear guards on the S13 after delaying it for so long. They turned out pretty good and I’m so happy with how the rear wheels fit!


I’d been dreaming of how I wanted it to look for ages and after so long I finally have it close to looking finished. I still have a massive list of stuff to do, but in terms of how it will look, this is it!

First, I drew some lines so I didn’t end up cutting out some weird retarded shape.


Then got the wrecking machine.


After 10 minutes of trying to be precise and as careful as possible, I had the outer guard cut.


Next was cutting the inner guard so I could fold it out and trim it to the same height as the outer guard.



Driver side done, time to cut up the other.



One thing to note if you decide to do this. Either get an angle grinder with a really good battery like a 4a/h or 5a/h or use a corded one. Otherwise you will be constantly recharging them after doing one cut. I had to recharge my 2 batteries twice throughout the whole job.

Also, wear glasses otherwise you might cop some shit in the face.


Got halfway through the passenger side and the wheel snapped in half and lost a few little bits. Scared the crap out of me when a little bit hit the glasses, luckily both my eyes are still in my face.


I finished up some trimming on the inner guard and cleaned up a little bit. Then it was time to get the widebody and wheels!

The other thing I had done the day before was get some tyres fitted to the rears.


I was trying to decide on either a 265/30 or 265/35 because I wanted as much room as possible to the guards. Ended up with a 265/35 because a 30 profile wouldn’t hold up well if it happened to explode. Still heaps of room for everything to move and a little bit more meat to go through.


I’ll see how this size goes when I drive the car and if I think I can go smaller then I will, but for now they will do just fine!


I grabbed one of the wheels and threw it on for the first time. So damn keen to put on the whole kit and see how it looked!


Don’t mind the insane mess of the shed, at the time I wasn’t worried about anything other than fitting the wheels.


I put the kit on the car and had a look.

So happy at this point!


After that I just sat around for a good 40 minutes looking at it. It’s good to see what it’s turned into considering what it looked like this time last year.


I said 2014 was going to be the year I’d be doing a lot of work on this car and so far I’ve done quite a few things and have also researched a whole lot more. I still have a heap of posts I need to write up including a whole bunch of cage work, the front end plans and also the empty engine bay as of last weekend!

But that will all be covered in other posts over the next few weeks.

For now I’m just insanely happy to have everything in the cosmetic department pretty much done.



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