RB26 S13 – Interior Prep

I’ve been doing a heap of interior cleanup to my S13 over the past few weeks, trying to get everything back to bare metal. I had 50 million bars of roll cage to clean and still have to do a lot of the floor pan. It’s looking much better than before though!


If you hadn’t seen what the cage was like previously, consider yourself lucky. The place that did the cage in this car left it sitting in the rain for a week with no sunroof or windows, so as you can imagine I wasn’t too happy and the inside wasn’t too healthy. Every bar had surface rust and so did some parts of the cabin. I’m suprised I didn’t burn down the place.

But, after a long time of putting it off, I finally started the clean up a couple months back. I have only just gotten towards the end of it now. I had to go over all 17 bars of the cage and hit them with the wire brush treatment until they were all back to bare metal.



Many longs nights later and I was getting through it slowly. I ended up going through about 5 wire brush wheels, luckily they aren’t that expensive to buy, but they are painful as hell if they get in your pants/shirt/hair. I’m still finding little metal bits in my clothes and shoes every day. They are so damn painful and are the hardest things to get out. Note to self, wear a full body suit next time.


Each night I spent about 3 hours and would do about 3 complete bars. The floorplan wasn’t as hard to get to but it had paint on it so it took slightly longer to go back to bare metal.


There are a few more spots I still want to clean, but for now I think it’s good to prep for paint after the tube front is finished. Just have to pull out a couple windows, cut out some bits and then I’ll be talking to a friend about getting some primer inside!


Really glad I don’t have to look at the disgusting surface rust anymore and I’m glad it’s one step closer to having some colour inside.



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