180sx – Tripping Hazard

Just over a week ago I FINALLY got a new exhaust for the 180sx. Came out pretty awesome and I’m sure people will hate me when they trip over the end of it.


You might have noticed how much I’ve been delaying this. I have no excuse for taking so long (apart from money). But it’s finally done and it looks super fresh.


I took it to a friends shop to be made, the same guy that I will be getting to do the tube front for the S13.


There were 2 major things I wanted. One being that it gets tucked up really high and second was a shiny polished tip.


It ended up being tucked up higher than the rails and with a little more room to spare for future plans.

The whole thing is 3” from turbo back in mild steel with a polished stainless tip. Only a couple flanges, one at the dump and one at the tip.


Also sounded beautiful without any exhaust leaks. My last exhaust had scrapes everywhere and about four or five big holes from bottoming out.

I think this one might end up being like that, but I’ll see what happens over the next few events.


Now that I have it done, I don’t have to worry about the constant scraping through the pits at every track day.

If you see my car, just remember I have a massive pipe sticking out the back, so try not to trip over it.


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