RB26 S13 – Pilot License

About 3 months back I ordered an Origin wing for the S13. Some new stands and end plates later and it’s semi-fitted.


You’re probably thinking, wow this guy is copying every other kid on the planet with an S13. I guess you could put it that way, but I’ve wanted a big wing on this car since I saw Josh Coote’s 180sx in 2010. It was always going to be an Origin wing and it was always meant to be quite high, I’ve just played around with end plate designs over the past year, trying to get it how I wanted it.

So, sometime in August I emailed the coolest guy in Japan, mr Streeter. Organised to get the biggest, widest Origin GT wing and have it sent over. They were out of stock at the time so had to wait a couple months for some more to be made, but time went past real quick and then it turned up at work one day.


It looked amazing as is, but I wanted it a bit higher. Before anything, I threw it on the car to see if it suited everything.


Big kit, big wheels, big wing, perfect. But just a bit more height was needed, so I grabbed some bits of aluminium and made up some stands quickly.


They are super rough, but gave me an idea of how high I wanted it.

Next was end plates. The Origin ones were a little boring and I wanted something a bit more ridiculous.



Yep. Looks good.

I made up some tabs to mount everything to boot, then checked a stand.


Also played around with angle a bit. If I wanted maximum height, I needed to have them straight-ish and if I wanted them further back on more of an angle, I would lose a bit of height. I can always make some more mounts that are longer and allow for more of an angle. This was a quick job just to get the wing mounted.


After a bit of mucking around with some quick mounting tabs, I had it sort of fitted.


I threw the full kit on to see if I liked it.

Definitely yes.


Now I just need to get some cleaner stands made up and have some end plates laser cut. A few days after I made everything I ended up cutting my arm on the end plate so I think I’ll have to make them a little more blunt for safety. I don’t really want to cut my face open when I walk into them.


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