Christmas 2014

Another year down, another christmas BBQ come and gone.


This might seem pretty stupid to some people, but I look forward to this stuff each year. Everybody gets excited for christmas each year, but for different reasons. Mine is so I can relax, think about what I’ve done all year and see what’s changed over the past 12 months.

So I did the usual stuff in the morning.

Moved all of them out of the shed so they can get wet.


Just like last year, the S13 looks like a half finished car. This year it is going to go through a massive change if everything goes to plan.


The S15 didn’t need much cleaning because it doesn’t go out enough to get dirty.


I promise 2015 is going to be the year I drive this thing heaps. I’m going to set a goal of 10,000km driven by the end of December.


I want to drive it up to Halfway Hangs next month to watch so I need to change a couple things and make sure it’s set to go. Really keen to check it out this year after missing it last year!

The orange thing was next.


This thing had a lot of experiences in 2014. First I had some aero painted and got some new PBM arms at the start of the year. I also decided that I wanted run my Bee*R wheels this year (best decision ever). I did Winton Matsuri in february with a few friends and had an awesome time, but had to replace the turbo after the pod filter blew off which resulted in the turbo eating some tiny stones.

Then once the fresh turbo was in, I did the second Winton Matsuri in June but had 4 out of 5 rear passenger wheel studs snap on the first lap which left the car immovable until I could find a new rear hub. Then I tried Calder for the first time in August and had a perfect day with the car. Next event was Winton at the end of August which was the worst of the year. After crashing into the main straight the car needed quite a bit of stuff and I had to have it ready in less than 5 weeks so I could go back up to Queensland for their Matsuri!

As well as getting new guards, new headlights, a new radiator and a whole lot of repairs/new paint, I also had a new exhaust made up just in time for Queensland.

The 180sx definitely had a big year, a lot of good times but also quite a few shit times. I’d say I’m keen for more good times in 2015 but unfortunately I won’t be driving this car until the S13 is finished. Just can’t afford to build one car and also drive events with the other car. Once the S13 is done I will definitely get back into this thing and take it to an event! For now the car is retired and can have a break while the S13 comes together. It will definitely be back, but won’t be for quite a long time.


Oh also, just a side note, I’ve now been in my house for just over a year. The list of stuff I want to do to the house is about 4x longer than the list for the S13. Only difference is that house mods are also 4x more expensive than car mods. So it probably won’t be getting any drastic changes this year.

Two out of three cars washed, Stagea being the last. It’s like washing a boat, the thing is massive.


Started the parking setup.

Christmas 2

Put the kit on the S13 for the one millionth time. I don’t know what set of wheels I like the most? Bee*R’s are awesome on the 180x and LMGT4 are one of my all time favourite wheels. Then there is the VSXX, which is another all time favourite. I think if I had the choice to run the same wheel on all three cars I’d go LMGT4. They seem to look good on anything and because I’m more of a concave person than dish person.


Cleaned the Stagea up the front then brought it down. There are quite a few things I want to get done to this car in 2015. I’ve been looking at airbags for quite a while now and I think I’ve found ones that will suit. Ever since I bought the car I wanted to get a pair for the rear so I could raise it and take some load off the rear springs. But I thought if I wanted I could save a bit extra and go for a full set of bags instead of just a pair.

Of course the next thing I started to think about were some decent wheels. I don’t want to get something ridiculous, I’d rather keep it looking factory. So that rules out anything with big dish and anything that’s insanely concave. I have one set of OEM wheels that I want but they aren’t easy to find and they aren’t cheap either. So over the next 12 months I’ll slowly save and grind away at little things for this car, then if I have enough dollars set aside, I might jump in and get some bags and some wheels.

Maybe I can get them in time for the trip to Queensland in October!


Had a BBQ at lunch with a shitload of food, but ran into a couple problems.


Running out of drink was problem number one.

Then about halfway through lunch the BBQ ran out of gas!

Cars were all out for hangs though, so not all bad.

Christmas 1

That was the end of 2014 for me.

A lot of things I would have loved to get done and a lot of stuff I wish I hadn’t done. I’ve already started to get ready for tube front work on the S13 and trimmed the list a bit but there is plenty more to do. I want to have both the S13 and Stagea ready for Queensland Matsuri in October where I want to drive it for the first time. So the next 9 months are going to be insanely busy and will most likely cost me a whole lot of money.

Can’t wait to see what everything looks like at the end of 2015!


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