RB26 S13 – Cutting and Fabricating

I’ve spent quite a few nights cutting things off the S13 and prepping for the fab work.


So far everything is going well, just need to get the bars started and everything will start looking a little more normal.

The plans for the car while it’s at the fab shop is to add a few bars to the cage (harness bar, 2nd roof bar, extra rear legs) and it have it gusseted everywhere. I want to run some bars through the firewall and meet up to the strut tower so it ties in with the bars running to the rear towers. Next is open up the gearbox tunnel a bit in case I ever need to replace the box at the track. I’d also love to cut and raise the chassis rails a bit so it isn’t constantly scraping, but that’s only a possibility at the moment. Some other big bits will happen later down the track when I can afford it, like raising rear towers, tube rear end and maybe some strengthening tabs to some of the rear suspension.

Anyway, the car started out looking like a normal S13. You will notice I don’t have the VSXX on the car in any of the pictures. That’s because it won’t fit on the damn trailer with them on! So sometime this year I’m going to have to sell my trailer and get another one that the car can fit on.

I dropped it off at the shop and went over a few things with Andy, making sure we were on the same page in terms of what I want the finished product to look like.


I cut off the front end, ready for the tube work and started to do a bit of work on the rear guards as well.


Initially I was going to do the same thing as everyone else with the rear guards, but I was hating how it looked and thought I might need a bit more room. So I figured why not just cut off the entire guard?


Now there is plenty of room for whatever the wheels want to do!

I took the car home for christmas and did a little more work to it. I have to set up the castor to how I want it and do some work on both wheel wells. At the moment, with the VSXX, the tyres foul on the rear part of the frame, so I’m either going to have to cut it up, or maybe flatten it to get more room. Either way, it can only turn about 30% in each direction at the moment.


I worked around a few things and also did a few bits to the interior, getting it ready for a few cage mods.

It went back to the shop just before new year, this time with the aero bits.


Just a side note. When I get another trailer, it MUST have a winch. Pushing this thing up without any brakes is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

Once it got to the shop the first bits to do was add bars to the cage and throw in some gussets. Extra roof bar, 2 rear quarter bars, harness bar (50% done in this pic) and intrusion gussets.

Not yet finished, but coming up pretty good so far!


A couple weeks later, we needed the engine around so we can get the tube frame in the right spot. Before it goes in, a couple bars need to be finished off (chassis rail bars, strut tower bars). Once all that’s done, the bar work for the front end can start.


After the basic frame is done for the tube front, the cage will get finished off, then a couple other little jobs can get done. The hardest thing is going to be running the smaller tube that will hold everything on in the front end. Making sure it all lines up and is perfect will be a massive pain in the ass. Headlights, guards, radiator, intercooler, other coolers, front bar, there is a heap of crap and it all needs to work simultaneously. Because it’s going to take the longest, it’s getting done last.

I’m hoping all the work is done by the end of this month but no guarantees. Andy works really fast, but unfortunately my savings account isn’t as fast. So while I save dollars, it will slowly get bits done and hopefully we can see the finished product by the end of february.

Still planning to drive Queensland Matsuri in October, so I’ve got 8 months to get things fabbed, painted, wired, tuned and ready to drive.


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