RB26 S13 – More Front Progress

The past few weeks have gone really well with progress. The fabrication list is slowly getting smaller!


It’s getting closer to track time every day, most of the tube work is complete but there is still lots of fabrication to get done. This is what has been done over the past few weeks.

If you saw my last post from a couple weeks ago, you would know the car had the tubs dummy fitted and the main bar tacked in.

Well that’s all 100% welded and last weekend it looked like this.


The removable rad bar is mounted, tubs are completely welded and have also been sealed with some sheeting that meets up with the main bar.


The amount of room in the front half for the tyres to move is crazy. I’m glad I went with such a big trailer guard, otherwise I think I might have run into scrubbing issues.


This past week, a few other bits have been cleaned up and finished off. The welds along the tubs and around the sheeting have been buzzed back so they are smooth and a couple other bits have been marked for cutting next week. The biggest thing we got done today was put the engine back in and have it sitting in its final (hopefully) position.


It does look massive, but that would be because of the amount of space the tubs take up. Because I want to run twin turbo and mount them up high, it’s going to be a bit of pain finding room for things like manifold piping, intake piping and pod filters. I could go the easy route and go with a single turbo, but that won’t be fun!


I threw on a dummy radiator so I could get an idea of clearance to the balancer. then measured up some bits to figure out if the engine needs to move back or if I will have enough room for the thermo fans to fit easily.


Also another thing to note, there are currently a pair of standard manifolds on the engine. I’m not using them, I just haven’t taken them off yet!


On the other side, there is plenty of room for piping to the intercooler, alternator mounting spot and a place to run my oil cooler lines. I haven’t 100% decided on spots for the catch can and power steering reservoir yet but I’m thinking of running them both behind each strut tower. It will depend on how much room is available for them before fouling on the firewall bars.


I love looking at everything thats been accomplished over the past few months. Sure it has taken a bit longer than I expected (because I’m not loaded with money and can’t drop 10k in one hit) but it is turning out great. This is as close as you can get to what I pictured in my head a few years ago.

So far, all the late nights planning it out, the hours of drawings and weeks of contemplating ideas has finally paid off.

Pushed it outside to get some daylight photos and keep looking at everything.


First time it has been out of the workshop since January!

Now that things are almost finished in the front end, a few other jobs need to get done, then it can come home. Just in time for my 23rd birthday!

Sometimes I think I’m getting too old for this drift car shit, but then I remember my name isn’t Roger Murtaugh and I wasn’t in Lethal Weapon.


There are a few other bits on the car that have been done over the past couple weeks, but it wasn’t in the front end so I’ll cover that in another post.

I’m hoping this week that the rear strut towers can get finished. Plus I need to make some room along the top and in rear part of the wheel wells so the front wheels can turn properly.

I will try and get another post up sometime this week, if not it’s because it’s my birthday and I’m relaxing.


2 thoughts on “RB26 S13 – More Front Progress

  1. Nice progress man, you did all the work yourself? Its very clean I remember the headaches I went through fabbing up the cage and small details but thats what makes it so special to me. Cant wait to see whats next.

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