Stagea – GTR Shoes

After months and months of extra money saving and selling things, I finally picked up a set of 2010 GTR wheels for the Stagea.

Stagea 19

I’ve owned this car for almost 3 years now and realistically, the biggest modification it has received are some GTR brakes and a tow bar.

After Queensland matsuri last year, I wanted to do a few more things to this car. One of the big things on the list was some wheels. I didn’t want anything ridiculous because it would still be my daily car and I needed it to be sort of sensible to drive around. Plus I don’t want to attract unwanted attention from the cops. If you aren’t from Australia, consider yourself lucky!

I’ve always liked OEM wheels. I ran R33 GTR’s on my 180x for almost 2 years because they are good sizes, simple and surprisingly cheap. For the Stagea, I wanted wheels that looked OEM but with a bit more size. I did like the idea of 19’s but nothing really stood out. I did think of some V35 wheels but they weren’t going to suit the look I wanted.

In the end I thought why not try and find some R35 GTR wheels? I did some measurements of the guards, worked out how much room I would need and tested other wheels that were similar to see if it was a possibility.

Long story short, they were going to fit, but I needed to work on my tyre choice. I found a VERY cheap set on the net in perfect condition and with some really good tyres.

I grabbed them that weekend and a friend helped me organise to get them couriered down.

Stagea 15

They were in amazing condition and for the amount I paid, I was insanely happy!


The rears are 20×10.5+25 and had 315/30/20 Toyo R888 Proxes fitted to them.


I had no doubt in my mind that I would need to change the tyres because 315/30 + stock Stagea guards will never work together!


The fronts are 20×9.5+45 with 285/35/20 R888 as well. These weren’t going to be as bad, but would still need a downsize.

Stagea 14

I waited until the weekend, gave the car a wash and test fitted the wheels with the R888 still fitted.

I owned a monster truck for about 30 mins.

Stagea 16

Stagea 13

I did love the way it looked, but there was no way the car would survive a bump or any load over the rear wheels. So I took them off, put them in the garage and waited a couple weeks while I saved some more money and sold more leftover parts I had.


Thursday the 16th I had enough money to get some tyres, so I got a set of brand new Achilles ATR Sports in 275/30/20 for the rear and 245/35/20 for the front. Funny that I spent $600 on tyres for my birthday!

Saturday morning I had the R888 taken off and the new Achilles fitted. They came out really neat and not overly stretched! I wanted to avoid any major stretch because I still want to be able to tow the drift cars around without any worries of debeading or failures.

I put them on the car and went for a drive.

Stagea 20

They fit really nice and lucky for me, they don’t scrub! Well, the rears scrub a tiny, tiny little bit when I hit a really big bump, but that’s nothing to worry about.

Stagea 18

So after a really long time as a stock car (relatively), the Stagea finally has a big set of wheels and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Next few things on the list aren’t going to be cheap, but I’ll definitely try and save some money so I can get it all done this year.

Like I’ve said in the past, I would love to put some airbags in the car to help when it’s towing, but that’s a few thousand dollars away. I also need some fresh rotors all round because the brakes are starting to squeal.

Also wouldn’t mind putting twin turbo’s on it, but that seems a bit stupid.

Could be an option for 2016 though?

I’ll drive it like this, keep playing with the S13 and see how much money I have left at the end of the year!


5 thoughts on “Stagea – GTR Shoes

  1. Dude this is sick i have the exact same model. Im in NZ so rules arent as bad as Aus, running standard autech 18″ wheels. Question, did the change in wheel affect speedo/acceleration or 4WD light appear? And are those 350Z callipers?

      • Finding it pretty hard to source 350z callipers in Auckand but thanks man im leaving it bone stock at the moment but there are plans of a VQ37VHR or some mod to get it over the 350hp mark. Certainly sheep in wolves clothing these machines. Hondas and V8 Commys are left in the dust at the lights. 4wd is sick smh

  2. Hi Oliver …

    Could you please give a run down of what you have done to the suspension to get the GTR wheels to fit? I’m guessing the front wheels have a spacer too?
    Also where are the rear wheels rubbing?
    Any concerns you have or anything you would do differently?

    I am thinking of buying the same set of wheels for my M35 Stagea, I’m also in NZ!

    By the way your car looks awesome!

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