RB26 S13 – Home For a Bit

A couple weekends back I brought the S13 home.


About 80% of the fab work is done so it still needs to go back and get the last bits finished but I brought it home so I could go over some engine bits and start fitting things I’ve bought/will be buying.

The past couple months I have changed my mind about what the plan is for the engine. No I’m still not going to get it completely built, the list has actually become a bit more simple.

At the start of the year, I was looking at ~20k just on engine pieces, no labour costs, just bits that I needed to buy(GTR world is VERY expensive). Now I have trimmed down the list and taken off things that I don’t necessarily need at the moment, but can always add them in later on.


The turbo setup is still going to be the main expensive thing. I need 2 turbos, 2 gates, some V-band clamps and fittings, 2 sets of lines and the exhaust manifold. All of this is going to be easily over $6,000. Oh also, a few posts back I said I was going to have to go with a single turbo setup because of how much room I had and the cost. Well that plan is gone and I’m back on track with a twin turbo setup like I wanted originally!


There is a big oil pump and other pieces that is on the list to buy so I can take care of the oiling issues that standard RB26 have. Then I need a custom sump, some injectors, a set of cam gears, possibly a head gasket and a pair of fuel pumps and lines. The fab work left to go isn’t quite as long as the engine list, but most of it involves things that take a lot of time to do.


I cut out the boot floor a while ago which means the fuel tank is gone and a new one needs to be made. I’m glad I don’t have the standard garbage anymore, not only was the boot floor starting to rust, I didn’t think it was going to be possible to make it look neat.

Also you may notice that my chassis rails are cut. That’s because I got them raised 35mm so the car doesn’t bottom out when it’s under load. Now the lowest point is the engine crossmember and castor rod brackets!


So on the fabrication side of things, I need a fuel tank, partial rear tube frame to mount tank and pumps, front and rear bash bars, tabs and bars to mount everything in the front, possibly a bigger gearbox tunnel and a few other little bits finished off.


Once everything is done I’m hoping I can start getting it wired up sometime around July. Everything from front to back needs to be done and I know it won’t be cheap.

I’ve made a budget of what I think it will cost, really hope I can stick to it. Once the engine is running and the fabrication is basically complete, I can get it painted inside and out. I want it painted before September, which is 4 months away.


So over the next 4 months, I need to get all the final fabrication bits done, I need to buy all my engine bits, I need to have the entire car wired up and I need to get every other little bit organised before it goes off for paint.


This year is going to be the most ridiculous year I’ve had in a really long time.

Might be time to get a second job.


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