S15 – Daily Duties

Ive been driving the S15 as a daily over the past couple weeks while the Stagea gets some things fixed.


The last time I drove this day after day was at the end of 2012 before I bought the Stagea. Apart from getting a 6 speed gearbox, it hasn’t changed at all. I’d say I miss it, but I much prefer driving the Stagea every day.

This photo is from 2012, see what I mean about it not changing?


While the S15 does have air conditioning and a complete interior, it lacks the comfort of the Stagea. Not only is it stiff as hell, it has standard speakers which are 15 year old garbage. So listening to music on the drive to work isn’t that great.


It has a lot of positives over the Stagea though, one being some decent noise and another being that its manual. I get bored of driving an automatic every day so jumping into this whenever I want and playing manual is pretty good.


I can get into the carpark at work, I can get into the carpark at the shops and I can get around almost any road in my area. Surprisingly the roads and driveways in my area aren’t that bad!

Also taking it to work means I can go out and look at it whenever I want.

It sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s the only nice thing I get to see all day.


So why am I driving it so much lately? Well I was driving home on saturday just over a week ago and about 30 mins from my place a waste truck started kicking up stones which ended up destroying my front windscreen. Now I need a new windscreen and because Id rather not risk making it worse, the S15 has taken over daily duties for the next couple weeks.

Unfortunately because it’s an import, it isn’t as cheap as what I had hoped. But, it will have to get done as soon as I can afford it.

When the Stagea gets the new windscreen it will most likely be the daily car again, but while its out of action, the S15 gets all the love.


I’m definitely not complaining though, I love this car!


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