RB26 S13 – Speedflow Everything

Last monday I finished running all my lines and got all the Speedflow fittings fitted.


I have every monday off, so first thing in the morning I headed out to MSCN to grab all my fuel fittings and the last length of hose.

Almost $1200 later this is what I had.


Might not look like much, but it sure cost a lot. I had around 25 fittings total and just over 10 metres of fuel line.


I also picked up my injectors from RacePace on the way home.


A fresh set of 1000cc Injector Dynamics toys!

I took everything over to the factory where the car is and started cutting it into the right lengths and organising the fittings.

Feed line was first.


Tomei, meet ID and SpeedFlow.


I will give a quick rundown of how my fuel lines are set up. I don’t have my boot sealed yet, so it might get a bit confusing.

I have a pair of -8 feed lines from my fuel tank to surge tank, which then go through the Walbro 255 pumps into another short pair of -6 lines.

Then they meet into a Y-piece with a bulkhead for the aluminium sheeting that will be below the parcel shelf sealing the boot.

Out of the bulkhead is a single -8 feed line through the cabin to a second bulkhead in the firewall above the gearbox tunnel.

From the bulkhead, I have a T-piece which steps back down to a pair of -6 line, one going to the rear port of the rail and the other to the front port.


The centre port of the rail is a -6 into the regulator, then another -6 exit from the regulator down to another bulkhead in the firewall.

Through the firewall it steps back up to -8 line and runs inside the cabin alongside the feed to another bulkhead in the aluminium sheeting.

From there, it continues in -8 and runs down to a side port in the surge tank which acts as a return.

At the top of the surge tank is a -8 breather line which will move all the excess fuel back into the fuel tank. (This piece was only done this week and haven’t taken any photos of it).


That’s everything for now.

I was planning on running the surge tank a lot lower to allow it to be gravity fed from the fuel tank, but seeing how they car is already quite low, I didn’t want to risk it being too close to the ground in the case of any off track adventures. So I will need to incorporate a lift pump at some point soon.

I also have my 100 micron fuel filters on the way.


The car has been at Racepace getting some tests done and a couple things checked over this past week.

I’m planning on picking it up today after work, then I will need to get onto making the sump. Hopefully I can have that done by next monday and then it’s back over to Racepace to see if we can get it to start for the first time in 5 years!


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