RB26 S13 – Disco Twins

Remember when I said I was going to go twin turbo? Then I said I’d go single? Then I went back on track with twins? Here’s the final decision.


From the beginning, I wanted a pair of high mount turbo’s and I was going to do whatever I could to go that route. After some conversations and a few ideas getting put in my head, I was under the impression that twins weren’t going to work well and that I would never fit them in the engine bay.


I had seen crazier things done in the past, so how hard would it be to put a pair of decent sized turbos into an S13? Sure I have big tubs and very little room, but anything is possible right?


After a lot of hesitation and a few more ideas going through my head, I decided I was going to stick with my original plan. One morning last week I went ahead and bought them!

I went through GCG in Sydney, number one because I have a good friend that works there, and number two because I have used them in the past without any hassles.


Drew threw in an extras bag with a load of stickers and all my fittings as well!


Onto the fun stuff.


I’ve been looking forward to seeing these things in front of me for a long, long time.


I took them home and unpacked everything.

Excitement level was ridiculous!!


This is the setup!


The turbos are GTX2860R with 0.72 rear housings.


One of my choices was rear housings with V-band to manifold and V-band to dump pipe. So I have V-band in and out on both turbos which makes it so much easier to take them off if I ever have to.


I’ve got a T4 rear housing with V-band exit on the 180sx and have never had any problems with it. As well as being reliable so far, it cuts the time in half if I have to take the turbo off.


You might think that I went with turbo’s that are on the smaller end of the scale. One of the things I try to do when building a car is keep it responsive rather than super laggy.

I’d much rather have a smaller turbo that works faster but makes less power, than a bigger turbo that makes heaps of power but takes forever to start working.


By no means are these things small. They are about 3 sizes down from what I have on the 180sx, but I have two instead of one. They are rated to 400hp each, so realistically I can make 800hp if I feel like it (I don’t).

I’ll be happy with whatever power the car makes, but looking at the whole setup I’d expect it to be somewhere around 340kw (450hp). Could be more, could be less.


Finishing the hot side of the engine is something that I will try to do over the next month. I still need a pair of external gates, some water and oil lines, a pair of high mount manifolds and an intake setup.

To say I’m happy that these are off the parts list is a big understatement. I have been slowly saving for the turbo setup for months and it has been by far the most expensive thing I’ve bought for the S13.


Now I can’t wait to get the manifolds on the engine and figure out how I’m going to make everything fit!

This is going to be a REALLY cool setup.


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