Stagea – Great Ocean Road Hangs

A few weekends back, I had a break from the S13 build and took the Stagea out for a long drive to the Great Ocean Road. Here’s a small bunch of photos.

Stagea 24

For anybody that doesn’t know, I live on the south east side of Victoria. The Great Ocean Road is only 150km from my place, but since I moved down here from Sydney, I’ve never had the chance to check it out.

I took a few half decent photos of the Stagea with the new wheels on after a fresh wash.



Stagea 22

First time I’ve had the chance to get some good pictures with the GTR wheels on.

Stagea 23 copy

Not much else happening with this car at the moment. I’d love to do some final things before heading to Queensland in October, but time and money will decide that.

The S13 is priority number one until it’s done. Lots of late nights and early morning for the next three months.


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