RB26 S13 – Shiny PWR Pieces

I finally have everything I need to keep my car cool.


My funds have taken a massive hit over the past 2 months. First was the Tomei oil pump at the start of June, then the pair of turbo’s a few weeks later, then the Power FC was bought and now I’ve finished it off with a few more expensive bits from PWR in Queensland.

Before you assume how I can afford this, take these things into account. I rarely go out and spend money on the weekends, I work two jobs at the moment and lately I’ve been putting about 70% of my wage towards building the S13.

So I guess you could say I am living to build this car, but only for another couple months when it’s done. Also I live alone, so that’s a massive pain in the ass when you want to put 100% of your earnings into something!

Now, the shiny stuff.


I knew they had a well known name with lots of GTR builds and were one of the top choices when it came to cooling systems. I did take into account other things like ARC, Plazmaman and even factory GTR pieces, but they didn’t have the options that PWR had.

I needed a custom sized radiator to fit in my tube frame, as well as a few other changes.


I ordered about 3 weeks back and they turned up at my work last friday. Packed in a massive box was my radiator, thermo fan, oil cooler and power steering cooler.


One thing I never put up on the blog was that I had bought a PWR intercooler already.


I got it about 6 months ago, but it only came by itself. I couldn’t afford to get the other pieces at the time so I just stuck with the intercooler on the order.


If you look closely you will see the S13 still had a standard front end, so you know it’s definitely last year.

The intercooler is a 600mm x 300mm x 68mm core with 3″ outlets instead of the normal 2.5″ they offer.


Because I wanted to run the intercooler upside down, I had the guys make one for me with the logo sprayed on upside down. I know it makes no difference, but I have some serious OCD when it comes to improper things on my cars!


Wow, really old photo for sure. The car definitely doesn’t look like this anymore!

Now we get to the other pieces that arrived last week.

First off my radiator was always going to be a twin pass 32 GTR style, but it needed to be about 15mm more narrow so I could fit it in the front end.


Looks awesome right? I almost don’t want to use it!


I also got a SPAL 16″ skew blade thermo fan to go with the radiator. The mounts are made into the top case of all the PWR GTR radiators so it looks really neat.

No garbage welded on tabs here.


I had them make the radiator 655mm instead of the normal 670mm so it would sit nice and snug in the front. I will have it angled slightly backwards to help with bonnet clearance and to open up the room for piping to the intercooler.


The other thing I asked for was to send the radiator with the lower hose barb not fitted and no hole drilled. The reason behind this is that normally the lower barb would have gone straight into the bottom part of my tube front. So instead of going straight back, I am either going to come out the side of the tank and do a 180º turn and head back to the engine.


Or I am going to see if I can raise the radiator up slightly and put a 45º on the lower part of the tank and see if the hose will clear the bottom part of my tube frame.


Surely it can’t be that bad so I will attack that over the next week and see how it goes.

Next piece, the power steering cooler.


First thing I have to say, jesus this thing is light. I’d say maybe 400grams? I felt like I was holding a piece of cardboard!

It looks strong, but damn it’s so light!

It’s a 13 row cooler measuring 280mm x 110mm x 19mm with -6 AN fittings. This may be a little overkill for power steering, but I like my steering to be quick and responsive rather than heavy and annoying.

I’ll have it on the driver side of the front bar and it will get a frame attached to the tube front to mount it.


Finally, my oil cooler choice.

Simple thing to get, everybody would have done the same thing with this engine setup.

21 Row, 280mm x 189mm x 37mm and powder coated black to match the power steering cooler.


I’m going to have the exact same mounting setup as the power steering cooler so it will get heaps of air flow through the opening in my front bar.

It will get some big -12 AN lines to go onto the fittings that PWR supplied me, then the return line will have a ‘T’ piece at the end that will run back to a special piece of equipment I have ordered.

I’ll cover that in another blog post when I receive it in the mail.

So that’s it, that is everything I needed from PWR.


The quality in this stuff is amazing. The build and the welds look incredible and the coatings all look perfect.

I’m really keen to get these pieces on my car and try them out.


Less than 10 weeks until the car needs to be driving at Queensland matsuri, still so much to do I’m getting nervous about the timeframe!

I am doing ridiculous hours working on the car trying to get things finished, so don’t be surprised if there aren’t many updates over the next few weeks. If you want to see some frequent updates, I usually put up some things on the Facebook Page.

I will do my best to update everything I can on here.

Nerves are 10/10 right now!


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