RB26 S13 – Accusump

This has to be the most pricey cylinder looking thing I have ever seen. Hopefully it saves my engine in an emergency.


Remember how I have said the very first thing to take care of on an RB26 is the oiling problem? This adds to that point.

I couldn’t find anybody in Australia that stocks the Canton Accusumps, so I headed over to Summit Racing, found what I needed and added everything to an order.


5 days later, I have it all in front of me.

I’d like to make a note of one thing for a minute. Summit is in the U.S.A, I am in Australia. That is the other side of the world (almost). Our national postal service, Australia Post, struggle to deliver things to me in less than a week even when it comes from interstate. Yet, a shop in another country can get a package over to me in less than a week, with no hassles at all.

Australia Post, you need to pick up your game because your services are terrible.

Sorry, back to my new toys.


I bought a 3 Quart (2.8 Litres) Accusump, 20-25psi electric valve kit and some mounting clamps that are compulsory to mount the unit properly.

It can be setup with a bunch of different options in regards to operation. They have a couple of manual valve options as well as a few electric valves for when the unit is in a hard to reach place. They are all sold seperately unfortunately, but it’s useless having an Accusump without a way to control it.

I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be mounting the cylinder, but I doubt I’ll be able to reach it when I’m strapped in, so I went with the electric valve kit and the 20-25psi solenoid.


If you don’t know how an Accusump works, here’s a quick rundown.

It can be primed before starting the engine and it will pre-oil the internals to compensate for the zero oil pressure on start up. Once the engine is running and the oil pressure builds up, it will slowly refill the cylinder and store 3 Quarts (2.8 Litres) of oil inside. If my engine oil pressure drops below 20psi, the cylinder will pump the stored oil directly into the gallery through an oil feed on the block, saving my engine from starvation.

And, if you have an electric kit like I do, you will have a toggle switch which is wired to the valve system.


I’m glad they offer a toggle switch as the activation method, because now I can add it to my switch panel design. I’ve been waiting to fill the final gap on the panel and this is perfect for it.

I’ll write up another post when I have this thing mounted, which I hope will be in the next few weeks.


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