RB26 S13 – Xtreme Race Clutch

Sorry for the delay in updates, I’ve been in bed sick the whole week.

Here’s another piece to the puzzle I picked up a couple weeks ago.


I’ve had a single plate heavy duty Xtreme clutch in the 180sx since the rebuild and it’s been awesome, so I thought I may as well get another Xtreme clutch for the S13.

Considering what I paid for this thing, it sure looks like I got a lot of clutch.


I went with the 230mm ceramic twin plate race clutch to suit an RB25.

I can’t use an RB26 clutch because of the gearbox and some things stop it from working apparently. (I’m not sure what, but I was happy with the RB25 version)


It’s a pretty heavy piece of equipment, but it looks quality and I’m sure it’s going to be fun to drive with.

I’ve never driven with a twin plate clutch in a drift car so this will be a first for me. I’ve heard mixed things about drivability but I won’t have any idea what it’s like until I drive the car.

I like that it’s a complete replacement of the standard clutch and the flywheel as well. Makes me feel more comfortable knowing I have a brand new flywheel in front of the clutch.


Speaking of the flywheel, it’s MASSIVE.

The only things I’ve reused that are factory are the flywheel bolts. I may change to some ARP pieces later on but I’m sure the standard bolts will be ok.

Plate number one going in.


Followed by plate number two.


Then the pressure plate, and it’s done.


Now, I’ve only ever replaced two clutches in my life. The first time was putting the new Xtreme in the 180sx and the second time was refitting the clutch to the S15 after the six speed gearbox swap.

The first time I had a plastic clutch aligning tool, which I’m sure is great most of the time, but I hated it.

The second time I had to do it by eye, which was all based on luck.

This time, I got a solid steel clutch aligning tool for the twin plate. Made life so much easier and it looks pretty cool!


I took off the old thrust bearing on the gearbox and figured it’s new home would be the trash going by how it looked.


New bearing looked a bit nicer.


I cleaned up the input shaft a little, refitted the sandwich plate, torqued everything to the right specs and put the gearbox back on.


The car is currently sitting on the ground without a front end. I took everything out to modify some things on the cross member, which is finished now so I’m hoping to have it all be back in the car by monday night.


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