RB26 S13 – Epic Braking Power

The pieces in this post were bought almost four years apart. The wait was definitely worth it!


This car is going to go real fast but will be able to stop even faster with all this stuff.

Let’s start with a story from June 2011, which involves my front setup.

Prepare yourself.


Before I keep going, you might be thinking why the heck am I putting such massive brakes on a car that will basically never need such huge stopping force.

Why? Two reasons.

One, because I can.

Two, because to me brakes are the number one thing you need to look at when building a race car. Sure you can spend a million dollars on engine work, a ridiculous cage, and great tyres, but whats the point of doing all of that if you can’t stop? I’ve always wanted to have good brake setups on all my cars, which is why both the Stagea and 180sx have decent setups.

Sure I could have gone for another set of second hand Brembo’s, but I thought if I was going to go the extra little bit to make the car crazy, I want to spend a little extra and get some really good brakes.


Anyway, June four years ago I jumped in a group buy with a bunch of GTR guys. It was for a set consisting of two six piston Wilwood Superlite calipers, along with some huge 320mm two piece rotors, heavy duty track pads and some braided lines to tap into the standard brake block in the firewall.



The last little piece in the set was an adapter plate to fit nissan front knuckles. The normal mounting points on the Superlite callipers are different to the usual nissan spacing so if you wanted to run a pair you would need to either make a bracket to fit them or buy one. Lucky for me, this setup came with them.


So I’m going to have twelve pistons worth of Wilwood madness in the front of the car! I think I’ll be safe when it comes to stopping in a short space.

Now, lets fast forward to thursday this week, just over four years later.


I had researched for ages about what rear callipers I wanted to run. I knew one thing for sure, it was going to be a twin caliper setup regardless. Obviously the most common twin caliper setups are done with Wilwood’s which was perfect because I wanted to keep the front and rear uniform.

So here’s what I ordered! Along with a special piece from Stack that I’ll cover in another post.


Not just two calipers.


I got four Dynapro calipers!

So I will have a pair for the foot brake and the second pair will be an independent setup for the hydraulic handbrake.


They are twin piston calipers so I shouldn’t have any problems locking the rear. I got my new PBM rear knuckles in the mail last week (updates in another post this week) and these are a direct fit to the secondary caliper brackets.


Really keen to get these in the car and see how well they work. They look like some quality gear and with the history that Wilwood have with good brakes, I’m sure they will be amazing.

I will try and get the whole set fitted this week and have another post up with a few pictures!



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