RB26 S13 – Crossmember Mods

While the engine was out for 100th time the other week, I pulled the front end apart to do some things to the crossmember.


If you have been following this build for a while, you would have noticed some of the little things I have tried to do to help the car work properly while being super low.

When the engine came out, I thought it might be a good chance to get a few extra bits ticked off the to do list, so the front end came out as well.


The plan was to strip it bare until just the crossmember was left. I wanted to move the rack mounting points forward 25mm but also play with the LCA mounting point.

First job was to cut the rack mounts away from it and trim back the original mounting area so they could move forward.


Hoping they could go forward about this much..


A little welding later, all done!


Final measurement was 25mm forward.


Now, the next thing needed a bit of imaginary thinking. I had been wondering to myself, if I drive the car this low the steering will be ridiculously bad. Sure I was going to have drop knuckles and the rack moved forward, but my arms were still going to be on some crazy angle which meant terrible geometry.

So I thought about doing this..


Raising the LCA mounting point 15mm so the arms could be level.

It wasn’t as simple as drilling another hole in the crossmember because they were going to be too close together. If I did it that way, it would eventually cause the steel to give way and my LCA would be all over the place. I needed to have a new plate made and welded over the outside with a new mounting hole.


I think it came out pretty awesome!

With the mounting point raised, you would think that the LCA would foul on the roof of the crossmember right?


Not anymore! (pics were before the new plate my bad)


So, rack had gone forward 25mm and the LCA mount point had gone up 15mm, only one thing left to do.


Paint it.


I was thinking of going a different colour, but thought I’d just coat it in satin black to keep it subtle.

After I let it dry I got to fit some Powered by Max bushes before installing the rack. The original rubber bushes were thrashed so they went straight in the bin.


Yes there are more golden bits in the box behind my hand, details coming in another post this week.

One more thing got put on to replace the crappy standard piece, a solid steering bush.


Bolted together and painted, ready to go back in the car.


Really happy with how much it has changed the geometry, now I’m looking forward to seeing how the steering feels in a few weeks.


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