RB26 S13 – Fresh PBM Pieces

I’ve been waiting a really long time to get my hands on these shiny golden pieces.


These have been on my list for quite a while now, at a guess I’d say about three years. There was a mixture of things that went into this piece of the puzzle, but lets start with my favourite bits.


Powered by Max rear drop knuckles. FINALLY!


Fresh golden goodness in my hands after waiting so damn long.

So, what did I get and why? Well, they are the Wilwood twin caliper version, one mount being for the standard calipers and the second mount for wilwood calipers which just arrived last week. What I will be doing though, is modifying the mounts for the standard calipers because I will be running four Wilwood calipers instead of just two.


One of the major positives that drew me to these is the geometry correction they have. The hub mount is raised 25mm which basically moves the wheel up 25mm without changing the angle of the arms.


Also, they are pretty light.


Not as light as some other things, but for a complete rear knuckle they are pretty good.

I fitted them to the car last weekend along with my new rear end setup, so I’ll get the details on that put up soon.

Onto the next awesome piece!

Seeing how my crossmember was out for a few modifications, I wanted to change the bushes on the steering rack.


These were on that same list I made a few years ago. They look quality and are one of the easiest things to change on a silvia, so I thought I’d add that to the order from PBM.


Really keen to see the difference they make compared to stock bushes.

The next bits I actually picked up from a friend a week earlier. They were new in the box and exactly what I wanted.


Front drop knuckles to match the rear setup!

These are much like the rears in terms of the setup, but instead of a 25mm drop, they give you a 45mm drop by moving the spindle up as far as possible. As well as dropping the car a heap and correcting the geometry, they’re a super short knuckle.


Which means much quicker and responsive steering. They aren’t ultra light, but are a lot better than the standard knuckle. Instead of being a welded setup like the older PBM knuckles, they are a one piece casting so they should be ridiculously strong.

Guess I’ll see how they go in a few weeks!

The final piece from PBM is going to be the best thing in my interior for sure. I have one of these in my 180sx and I love the thing to bits.


The very well known PBM hydro.

If we are comparing this to my 180sx, there is one major difference in the setup.


Its an independent BMC instead of the basic inline setup! I wanted to try this in the 180sx last year but I never had the chance to. This way I don’t have to plumb into the standard BMC rear port and lose the use of my rear calipers when I’m on the foot brake.

I went with one of their green handle grips so it will match the interior colours. Speaking of colours, I can’t wait for paint!


Looks very simple but I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty decent setup.


I’m not sure yet if I’m going to keep the handle this time. I had to remake a new handle in the 180sx because of where the base had to be mounted, hopefully I don’t have to run anything too crazy to clear the S15 dash.


Also super keen to get this mounted and try it out with the new twin caliper setup in the back. I’m hoping to have it fitted in the next week or so, while the wiring is getting done. The knuckles and rack bushes are already in the car and it looks awesome. I’ll get a post up with some details when I can.


It’s 7:28pm right now and I’m meant to be heading out to an event on tomorrow. So I’m heading out to work on it at 11:30pm to get a couple things finished, then I’ll be loading it up at 6am.

Less than 4 weeks until it needs to be on the trailer heading for Queensland Matsuri 2015! Stress levels are VERY HIGH.


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