RB26 S13 – I Have NOS

Bringing back some fast and furious style with this.


So, this is quite possibly the silliest thing I’ve bought for this car, but I regret nothing!

I’d been stalking Summit Racing for a while and had a tab saved for a NOS setup. I really wanted to try one just to see what it was like , and I needed to know if life really does speed up when you hit that little red button.

Long story short, I made an impulse decision on a sunday night and then 6 days later I had this.


So keen to open it up and play with the setup!


I bought a complete purge kit to go with the bottle as well! Just because I want to spray stuff in the air for no reason at all other than it looking really cool. It came with a single LED globe that activates when you push the button, but I wanted two so I bought a second globe.


I’ll most likely mount the twin globes in the front guards and have the hard lines running over the gearbox tunnel to each side. But, the plumbing can wait a little while, other things are more important at the moment.


I was thinking of getting a polished bottle for quite a while, but remembered that my Accusump was blue. Now, because I wanted them both in the boot, I needed to have some colour similarity so I went with the normal blue bottle. I really wish the Accusumps came in polished bottles.


Never thought I would own one of these.


Gigantic blue bottle of happiness!

The kit came with some mounts so I went ahead with a couple measurements and worked out where I wanted it. Keeping in mind that my Accusump needed to be symmetrically mounted on the driver side, the angle and location needed to be exact!


I got the Accusump mounted at the same time to make sure everything was sweet. More on that later.

I will hopefully get the lines plumbed soon and throw up another update when it’s good to go!

The next four days are going to be flat out finishing things before it goes to the tuners on monday morning. Already doing stupid hours on the car to get it done which is not good for my health, but it needs to be done! So much to do and I’m really far behind with the blog updates sorry (my bad). I will try and get another update done tomorrow night!


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