RB26 S13 – Chasebays Toys

A couple small pieces that I picked up from ChaseBays last month, both are direct bolt ons for the car that simplify things.


As you might have noticed, I have very little room in the engine bay of the S13. So whenever I can save space, even if it’s only an inch, I’ll take it.

Things like huge brake boosters and power steering reservoirs with weird port placements use so much space for such little gain. It’s easy to relocate standard reservoirs, but the mounts on them limit your options and they still use push on fittings which is a little ugly.

I’ve been wanting to get some stuff from Chasebays in the states for a while now, I contemplated getting an overflow reservoir as well but didn’t have enough room for it.


First thing on the list was a power steering reservoir. -6AN entry that comes from the cooler with a -10AN return going to the pump.


I ended up mounting this just behind the passenger headlight, somehow there was enough room for it as well as my cooler piping and air filters.


Quality looks pretty decent and it’s a compact reservoir which is what I needed. Any bigger and I would have had to change the mounting location.

Now the really fun bit.

I never wanted to have a brake booster, but it’s not as simple as just removing it. Once you take the booster out, it puts more load on the master cylinder. That then makes it weaker, which means the pedal needs to move further for the calipers to get a decent grab on the rotors. And apart from the fact a standard booster wouldn’t fit past my engine, they look terrible.

Chase bays make a booster delete kit which uses a 7/8″ master cylinder on it’s own. It takes away the need for a booster and will quite easily run the sixteen pistons of braking power on the car.


I just need to plumb in all the brake lines then see what it’s like to use. It definitely saves a lot of space in the car which is exactly what I wanted.



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