RB26 S13 – Full House of Defi’s and Stack

These were one of my favourite pieces in the 180sx, so I thought I better find another set for the S13.


I’ve always loved white gauges, especially Defi’s. The design is simple and the fact that they light up bright green is a huge bonus for me! (you will see why when the car is painted)

The only hard thing about getting these, is the model I want. The old school white face BF gauges have been discontinued for years and are somewhat rare. But I guess if you keep searching you will eventually find exactly what you want in a set! (minus the taco which I picked up later)


In the 180sx I have a set of five Defi gauges mounted on my own cluster plate design and I wanted to do the exact same thing with the S13 because of how great they turned out.

So after hunting around for quite a while I found a set on the auctions in Japan.


It was a set of four gauges as well as the main control unit. It came with oil temperature, oil pressure, boost, water temperature and the control box as well as all the sensors and complete looms. About as perfect as you can get, only missing one piece and that was the taco that I picked up the week after.

Perfect 60mm white gauge with immaculate glass, exactly what I wanted!


I like that you can run up to eight gauges with the control unit, that’s part of the reason I went with these originally. If I ever decide to add in another gauge, all I need is the sender to go into the control box and another piggyback cable to power up the gauge. I doubt I will ever add in another gauge, but the option is always available.


The next piece I bought was something I really needed if I was going to be running E85. I didn’t want to load the car up and hope that it had enough fuel for the track day, so I thought I’d throw in a fuel gauge.


This gauge won’t be in my cluster plate because I’m limited on room and also the fact that it is a 52mm gauge would make it look a bit out of place. Instead it’s going in my switch panel along with everything else that powers the car. I have never used anything from Stack before but have heard some good things. Seen some crappy things happen with a friends dash but might just be a one off thing. Hopefully I have some good luck with this one.

Can’t wait to see how all the Defi’s look in my cluster plate. I’m still designing one for the S15 dash which is becoming a bit of a pain in the ass because of how much more compact they are compared to S13 clusters. I’ve made two templates so far which have come out ok, but I’m not completely happy with them. I will have to keep working on one if I want it all fitted for Queensland Matsuri next month.


I’ll get a post up when I have the cluster plate finished and all the gauges fitted in their proper spots.


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