RB26 S13 – Rear Tubs

The original rear tubs in the S13 were in pretty bad shape, so what’s the best way to fix the problem as well as adding some extra positives?


I’m sure you are thinking, why the heck are these on a drift car, there are no positives!

Well, you sort of have a point. But there are a few reasons why I did it.

Lets start with what I was taking out.


The original tubs were basically destroyed and beyond repair. There had been a cage plate welded to the top very poorly which I attempted to cut out nicely, but it didn’t go to plan. I did the best I could but it was never going to look nice.

I contemplated just patching it with a bit of steel and try to smooth it over but the amount of work involved in that was going to be way too much for such little gain.


So instead of contemplating things I just decided to cut both rear tubs out. I knew I could quite easily get another pair from the same place I got the front pair so I just went for it.


Side note – I wish I could drive it like this and watch the wheels spin, that would be seriously awesome!


I shaved down the edges and trimmed it back as far as I possibly could without going too far into the frame.

Now, not only did I want to have a nice inner guard, I also wanted to have something that would protect the widebody in case of a tyre explosion.


This is where these come in. They are 13″ (330mm) wide and have a full radius length from front to back of 36″ (914mm). They are just a trailer guard, same as what I have in the front of the car.

I also bought the infill panels because it was much cheaper and easier to buy them instead of making some to fit.

First one got cut up and tested on the driver side, this was going to be a massive job.


There was a lot of trimming to get it to sit properly and at the perfect depth. At the final fit, the guard sat out from the body about 90mm and was about 10mm from the edge of the roll cage bars on the inside.


With everything tacked into place, I grabbed a piece of scrap to work out how it was going to hold out the widebody.


What I wanted to do was add a bit of arched sheet onto the tub itself which would sort of act like a bash bar for the guard. I wanted it to be pushing against the fibreglass, but only by a tiny bit. Not because I needed to clear the wheels, but just in case I went a bit too hard and happened to let a tyre explode. If that was to ever happen, even though I usually try to avoid it, the steel sheet would somewhat protect the fibreglass guard.

So with that in mind, a couple pieces were made for the rear tubs and welded in as well as the tubs themselves.


The strut cleared fine and all the body work fitted fine. Just a couple more trims needed before they were good to go.


Inside got welded.


IMG_0856 copy

Sort of looks like a drag car with such big tubs!


The wheels had a good 30-40mm worth of clearance which was perfect.


The last thing left to do was work out the perfect length of the arch that would hold up the widebody.

Got a little bit of steel sheet rolled and shaped to match the tubs on both sides.


Now when I have a tyre on the edge of life, thinking of explosion, I will know that the guard will be ok.


Definitely won’t take a big impact, but it will do the job for now!



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