RB26 S13 – The Final Aero Piece

I’ve wanted one of these for a long, long time.


Jesse Streeter, the guy who has organised so many things for me.

This dude has sorted out a massive bunch of parts for me in Japan, but this one has to be one of the best. Tomei oil pump, brand new VSXX and Defi gauges can’t even compare to how happy I was to get this thing!


I contacted Jesse sometime in July about ordering a bonnet from Origin, unfortunately it was a six week wait because they were out of stock. So of course I said let me know as soon as you get it in and we can organise the shipping.

Those six weeks flew by and I had my new bonnet in front of me.


The car was still halfway through the rear tubs at this point so I had to wait until that was finished to try it on.


It’s an Origin Type II bonnet in fibreglass and damn it’s awesome!


I originally saw this on a D1SL car about four years ago and it looked crazy! Ever since then I had been trying to decide between one of these and the original bonnet.


I’ve never been a massive fan of the vented style of bonnet, it looks a bit off in my opinion. Also the fact that 90% of S13’s in the world have the same style of vented bonnet is a bit off-putting.


I need to get some bonnet pins onto it and do a little bit of trimming to make it fit properly, but for now the car is finished in the aero department. I might add some little pieces in the future, but that can wait! I’m just happy I finally have one of these on the car!



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