RB26 S13 – Fancy Manifolds

Something I wanted to post before getting the car finished but never actually finished writing everything. Here are the custom manifolds and external gates!


This was one of the most time consuming things that was done on the car. Apart from the rear tubs and the tube front end, the manifolds probably took the longest to complete.

It started with this.


I mocked up some scrap pipe to mount the turbos on, so I could get an idea of how everything was going to work.


So many things came into play at this point. Where do I run the cooler piping? Where are the gates going to go? Dump pipe routing, all the oil and water lines and are the tubs going to be a pain to work around?


Fortunately, most of that was easy to work around. I’d say the hardest part was routing the dump pipes because of how little room there was. Surprisingly, everything else went pretty well.

Time to start making some manifolds.

Started by getting the v-band flanges tacked into an approximate spot.


After a couple adjustments, Andy started making the manifolds while I ran more lines and fittings through the car.


A few more changes and some quick welds, manifold number one was ready to test fit. Everything looking good so far!


Tacked the rear manifold together and sat both turbos on top.


There wasn’t much clearance to the tubs, only just enough to fit cooler piping and all my lines.


By the middle of the week the rear manifold was completely welded and ready for a final test fit.



This was the closest the engine bay had ever been to looking complete!



See what I mean about not having much room?


I let Andy keep going on the front manifold while I started a couple other bits.

This is probably one of the most simple things you can do to an RB to make it look a little nicer.

These standard breather fittings not only look like trash, they also limit you to using a push-on hose.



I wanted to run AN fittings to the catch can, so I bought a pair of these from a local guy. You might think they are meant to be welded to the cover, they aren’t. These have tapered ends which means they can be pressed into the covers, just like the factory pieces. Saves a bit of time in prepping and welding while also looking much more simple.


One side finished!


Less than twenty minutes worth of work and both covers were done.


Looks so much better than the factory fittings in my opinion.


By the end of the week I had finished making a bunch of new oil and fuel lines, and Andy had finished with the second manifold.

These are definitely some of the best pieces of fab work on the car.


Minus the gate pipe on manifold one, these are the finished pieces.



And this is with both turbos mounted and ready for the lines!


It got really cosy in here once the cooler piping and dump pipes came along. I’ll get another post up over the weekend covering some more bits!


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