RB26 S13 – An Exhaust in 6 hours

With less than a day left before the tune, I still needed an exhaust. So things got really busy, really quickly.


The most time consuming part of making this was the dump pipe merger. With the smallest bit of room below the turbo’s and almost no ground clearance, both dump pipes needed to meet almost immediately.

Dump pipe number one had to be a separate piece so the rest of the exhaust would come out. Screamer pipes and manifolds were in the way so there wasn’t much of an option.



I wanted to run a completely solid exhaust, not only because of the clearance issues, but because I didn’t want it to foul on anything while driving. Because I had the car so far down to the ground, the exhaust basically had to ride up against the chassis and a few moving parts.


The merger has to be the cleanest part of the exhaust for sure. From the turbo’s they are stainless 2.5″ merged into a 3″ flex pipe.


It might look like I have a lot of room here, it was the exact opposite. I still had to bolt on a pair of screamer pipes which came out right in front of the flex pipe.


Once the front pipe was tacked on, the rest of the exhaust was a breeze. It ran along the tailshaft and hugged the floor.


Oh and screamers were made just before finishing the exhaust!


Once everything was completely welded, I pulled it down for a little bit of a cleanup.


From the 3″ flex pipe, it’s in 3″ stainless all the way back to a flange where the tip bolts on.


On the other flange is the 3.5″ stainless (soon to be polished) tip with a 3.5″ – 3″ reducer. I meant to shorten to the end of it a little but ran out time towards the end!

The last thing to do was polish the exit pipe.


Sure stainless is nice, but polished stainless is a thousand times better.

I borrowed Andy’s polisher and went over the thing for an hour trying to make everything shine. Just a side note if you ever doing this, prepare to catch a lot of fibre strands with your face. Goggles are a good idea.


It looked terrible after polishing, but once I hit it with some cleaner everything started to shine.


From this..


..to this


Amazing what some brake cleaner can do.

It’s not cheap but it’s stronger than some of the other crap I’ve used.


A bit more time with the polisher and a rag and I had it exactly how I wanted.


I think if I was ever to do it to a whole exhaust, I’d probably make sure it was on a car where it could be seen.


There’s no point in polishing the entire thing for this car, especially when it’s 5mm off the ground.


I finished about 7am, then it had to be over at the tuners by 11am and I still had a fair few hours of work to get done.


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