RB26 S13 – Front Bash Bar

One last thing before everything got pulled apart for paint.


The last major piece of fab work left was the front bash bar. Without this piece, I’d be EXTREMELY cautious about going anywhere on track.

Started with some 44mm roll cage tube and welded them straight to the ends of the chassis rail. I wanted a removable bash bar so I can work in the front end without it being too crowded. The reason for using 44mm tube is because I could then use 38mm tube for the bar work and have it slip on and off with ease.


38mm tube slips straight into the 44mm tube and is a very tight fit. Makes life easy and also protects my stupidly expensive front end from anything dangerous.


Another big thing I wanted to achieve, was having the front bar mount directly onto the bash bar. If I ever happen to go on an off track adventure, I don’t want the front bar to fold and go under the car. Also, if the fibreglass was to crack where its bolted on, the bash bar will still hold the bar in its position rather than letting it fly around.


Bottom bar finished, fitted perfectly.


Making the top bar was a little more difficult. This needed to be able to tuck under the bumper while still allowing the bumper to be taken off easily. I also needed some triangulating bars to give it some strength. The main top and bottom bar have very slight sweeping bends that follow the shape of the front bar. On both ends of the bash bar are reinforcement bars to add strength in case of a side impact.


After going over everything with the welder and grinding the 38mm tube to bare metal, it was all done.


Now that all the fab work was finally out of the way and the tune was finished, I could get back into pulling the car apart for paint.



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