RB26 S13 – Prepping for Colour

With the tune finished and the deadline for matsuri coming up real fast, I only had a couple days to pull everything apart and prep for paint.


Almost immediately after getting back from the tuners, I started pulling things apart. Everything on the car had to come out so it could get painted inside and out.


First pieces to come out was everything in the engine bay. Coolers were pulled off, radiator out, all lines sealed up and moved out of the way.


Taking this out was a bit of a pain in the ass because of how little room I had on either side.


Came out with after a bit of playtime and yelling.


Sat it on a trolley so I could do a couple final things while the car was away getting painted.


20 hours after unloading it off the trailer, I was left with this.


Almost a completely bare shell.

I still had to finish a couple bits before it was ready to go to off for paint though. Modify and mount the handbrake base to the tunnel, cover up all the wiring, patch a few holes and clean the interior. Might not sound like much but all the little things always take up a heap of time.


Thought it might be a good idea to stop and finally have some food.

Side note: When you are building a car to an insane deadline, you get to the point of becoming nocturnal. Dinner becomes a 3am-4am occurrence, breakfast rarely happens and lunch ends up being somewhere between 11am-5pm depending on what you are doing.

For me, breakfast was sometimes an apple and some water, lunch might be a sandwich at 5pm and dinner was a either a pizza or some other terrible choice depending on what was open at the time. Going through this entire thing was ridiculous, but I wanted to get the car done more than anything, so eating at normal times wasn’t much of an option!


After getting all the other things out of the way, I had a quick check over on the engine. Nothing had melted and it hadn’t leaked any oil which was a good sign everything was going to work at matsuri.


I threw the bash bar on and pulled out the final few pieces, then grabbed a quick sleep for a couple hours.


Woke up just after midday, threw some wheels on and pushed it out into the sunlight!

It was the 25th of September at this point, less than 2 weeks before I needed to be in Queensland with a finished car. You can imagine I was a little bit stressed about making it.

I packed up the aero, put the car on the trailer and headed out to the painters.


The next day I helped the guys prep it and pull everything apart ready for some primer and colours.


Over the next couple days, it changed completely. It went from being an ugly mess to something I was incredibly happy with.



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