RB26 S13 – Paint, Finally.

After all those years of looking at this car in the horrible old paint, I finally got to stare at the colours I wanted.


So, after dropping the car off at DT Panels a few days earlier completely stripped, I spent the next day helping them prep the car for some colour. We were hoping to get the whole thing completely painted, inside and out, in less than 5 days.

I wish I could have put aside more time for paint but I had less 9 days before I needed to be heading up to Queensland so I had no choice.

Lucky for me, the dudes at DT put aside the whole week for my car and worked crazy fast to get things done!


The day after prep finished, everything had been primed and the base coat had been done. Solid few hours of work and stage 1 was already done!


Now for colours.

I had known what I wanted ever since I started this build in 2010. There were two colours that I had in my mind for so long and I never wanted the idea to change. I knew they were going to come out looking perfect as long as the execution was right. The interior, cage, boot and engine bay are all the same colour, whereas the exterior skin has something completely different.


While the outside may be a completely different colour, it does still have flakes of the interior colour mixed into the top clear coat to make it sparkle in the sunlight. The inside really hits you in the face!


I went into the booth a few days after initially dropping the car off and saw the final product.

Couldn’t explain my excitement.




The exterior is a pearl black with lime green flakes and everything else is a candy lime green!


Everything looked amazing! Super bright and full of sparkles.


The engine bay was definitely one of the best pieces on the car. In the light, the green is insanely bright it hurts, but this is EXACTLY what I wanted from the beginning. Vu and the DT Panels dudes did an amazing job, this came out exactly how I pictured it!


We rolled it out of the booth and into the sun to check it out. I was a bit too excited to take photos, just stared at it for a bit.

There was still a bit more work to do so we pushed it into the shop and moved the rest of the pieces into the booth. Last few things to do were the entire kit, doors, boot and bonnet. Then I could start putting it back together.

Fast forward another 24 hours and we were all ready to go!



This was everything! Completed in a ridiculous amount of time and looking amazing. I never thought it was a possibility to get a car completely painted (especially in candy colours) in less than 4 days. The DT guys did some amazing work!

After talking with everyone, laughing about the car and thinking about the next step, I loaded up and headed off.


The next couple days were going to be the craziest days yet.

I got back, unloaded the car and took millions of pictures. I was so unbelievably amazed that I had made it this far in such a short period of time.


Oh and also, for the first time ever, it had doors. Wow.



The green was so shiny!

I turned the car around to get some shots of it under the lights. If I had the chance I could have sat there looking at it for hours.


After a few more photos and chills, I started to plan out the next job. I had 5 days left until the final deadline and the car still needed to be completely refitted, also needed a quick run on the dyno for some final checks, suspension needed needed to be reset and last of all I needed some windows.

I’d been awake for about 20 hours by this point, so it might have been a good chance for some sleep.

Instead, I put it on the hoist and continued working. No time for sleep.


Earlier in the week I had taken some engine pieces to the powder coaters. Ever since putting the RB26 in the car in 2010, I had wanted to get this done. After finally getting everything back I was super keen to fit it!


I had all the covers, the plenum, cooler piping, radiator piping and catch can powder coated in black wrinkle coat.


Looks so amazing in person.


Fitted everything, looked amazing.


I love how I decided on this in 2010 and stuck with that decision for five years until finally getting it done.


Only thing missing is the valley plate (coil pack cover), which I’m hoping to pick up sometime soon!


So, that was paint finished!

The final major piece on my list. With only a few days left before I had to head north to Queensland, the entire week got insanely busy.

I’m actually surprised I survived the next few days.

Weird things happen when you are awake for 63 hours straight.


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